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Why to the kid to visit dancing studio?

All of us know that any kind of art plays an important role in development of the personality, promotes her esthetic development. However the few art forms are available to the kid of 4 - 5 years. And here the dancing studio which will become the first step in the course of harmonious development of the child will come to the rescue.

Sending the kid to choreographic group, you can be quiet for his bearing. From first minutes of occupations its back will be carefully watched by the teacher. All efforts of the first lessons will go to explaining to the kid as it is necessary to watch the body that the bearing was beautiful. Do not worry that the kid can not understand adult terms. The teacher has enough experience to explain to little pupils what from them is required.

The second plus is a musical development. The child all the time carries out exercises under music. He learns to distinguish character of pieces of music. Its movements become rhythmical. And if in a couple of years you come to listening to music school, the teacher will surely pay attention to development of musical abilities of your child. It will be much easier to study, than to other beginners.

Still occupations in dancing studio accustom the kid to discipline. He learns to listen attentively to the teacher, not to distract, not to talk. He learns to work and receives for it a praise or estimates. At me in elementary grades diaries where I put down marks for a lesson and of behavior are obligatory, I write remarks and homeworks. The good dancing studio surely involves parents with children. The teacher gives tasks for the house that parents promoted development of abilities of the child, for example, of a prouchivala of the house some exercises with it. It is very useful if the kid not so quickly grabs material as other children.

Occupations in dancing studio can help to prepare the child for serious sports activities. In a class much attention is paid to work of all types of muscles and an extension. From dancing studio it will be easier for child to get used to loadings in sports section.

And the most important, in dancing studio at the child always good mood. Because it is impossible to dance and long, isn`t that so?

Several recommendations at the choice of studio. Surely you descend with the child on a concert where children from the collective chosen by you will act. Learn from the teacher as occupations in a class are based whether there is a lesson of classical dance. If there are 2 times a week - it is an occasion to remain in this collective. If you choose other directions of choreography, for example, sports ballroom dances, then there, of course, the features. All the same, it is necessary to communicate to the teacher, to learn about achievements of pupils, about competitions in which the collective participated. All this will help you to choose worthy studio for initial development of your kid. And, who knows, he can will be late in it for many years and will achieve big results in such remarkable art form - choreography.