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Rules of the game in the Ladies` kingdom or How to survive in women`s collective? Part 2

Let`s be defined for what we, to women, need work, at least in order that it is better to understand how minuses articles listed in the first part if not to turn in pluses then as much as possible to neutralize?

I think, you agree that, in - the first, it the main source of the income giving the chance to feed and dress a family, to create a cosiness in the house, to provide interesting carrying out leisure, to train children, etc. of

In - the second and is not less important for the majority of us, it is a possibility of communication in labor collective.

needs to be remembered that these two factors, in female understanding, are unseparable, and considering them, psychologists select several main recommendations that above-mentioned minuses did not affect your successful work at all. As we know, it is better to study on others mistakes, than as the.

So, we will trust in the wise men claiming that who is warned - armed :

Follow the internal rules. To others monastery, - as they say - with the charter do not go . Do not try to conduct the line and to burst in speeches of type: Here at us at last work did so etc. Why you need this opposition?

Be most benevolent with colleagues, gloomy people are not loved! Smile more often, but do not dress " at all; smiling " mask; give a smile sincerely and do not play! Double-faced people for a long time in women`s collectives are not late.

Participate in economic life of office: water flowers, rinse a teapot, sometimes buy coffee or couple of lemons for all . It is very much appreciated.

Learn names and age of children and grandsons of all employees, from time to time ask questions of that, how are these children and granddaughters.

- Tell neutral stories about yourself and the family. Create so-called favorable legend of also fill up it with various details from time to time. What to hold back - to solve to you. If nothing - to tell nothing to employees about itself, all of them about you will think up, and these imaginations can be much more destructive for your image and reputation, than reality.

Address colleagues for council, the help, share the experience. If you want that you were really helped, formulate the addresses as requests and surely you thank colleagues for the received hint or council.

Do not judge and do not judge and you will be - observance of this ancient principle is, more than ever, actual in women`s collective. Under no circumstances do not spread bad rumors about colleagues (even if, in your opinion, they also deserved it).

do not react to causticities. Perceive any attacks in your party easily and with humour. Thus, you deprive the interested person of an opportunity to enrage you, and further this occupation will become just uninteresting for the above-mentioned person. - Be diplomatic: try to turn ill-wishers into allies, and enemies - into friends. Yes, it is not really simple, but in the future will serve to you very good service.

Take part in festive actions, let even purely symbolically (always hand over the put sum in the general copper even if you will not participate in action at full scale ) .

Should not draw excessive attention to itself with expensive dresses and jewelry. Office - not the place for demonstration of ultrafashionable tendencies. But also " style; gray mouse on a workplace too to anything. Do not go into extremes.

If on the love front at you everything is excellent - it is not an occasion to devote colleagues in podrobnostivashy the dizzy novel or family idyll. Do not forget that not all were lucky to extend a happy ticket, and it is unknown how girlfriends, less successful in respect of private life, on work will react to your revelations.

you Keep away from any intrigues. Give preference to a neutrality position.

- Never try to revenge colleagues. This thankless and ignoble job can turn back for you continuous troubles and cold war with collective, up to your successful survivals from it.

And a little bit humour:

If in the morning you are met by demonstrative silence at office, be not upset, it means that today you especially look good.

If almost all employees told that to you there is a new thing, but did not ask where you bought it, be not under a delusion - the thing absolutely does not suit you.

If someone returned from the chief in tears and begins to complain of her, do not give in on provocation and confine to the neutral phrase of a consolation, otherwise one fine day some of your words can be used against you.

If you do not want that you were daily asked on affairs and tried to console, learn to pretend that at you everything is excellent.

If your labor collective consists of women, be not adjusted prematurely on the worst, having had heard plenty of any baizes. Thousands of women work in such collectives, and if to trust their words, would not exchange it on any another. Of course, at so-called ladies` kingdom there are features including not the most pleasant. But, believe, any collective has shortcomings: both at female, and at man`s, and at mixed. The situation in labor collective, first of all, depends on features of character, moral qualities of employees, and not on that, the man these employees or women at all. And finally, paraphrasing the known saying As the call - and will respond we will tell: As personally you will prove and will deliver in women`s collective - so to you and in it will be worked .