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How to keep youth? Experience of my grandmother.

In 20 years such question will not arise. In 30 already you begin to think, and further - more! I look on our many cinemas - and show - miracles, and it becomes feel ill at ease - to be such thirst very young that go on different tricks - plasticity are fond, braces do, new lips, a breast and other parts of a body Well when the professional is engaged in it, but not always result on the person. Or rather, on a face.

What prevents much of us to look young? Yes not just to look and and to be young people? I in life always had an example - my grandmother. Died in 90 years. Was ill absolutely not for long. Left beautifully. It is not with us 3 years, and day was not that we did not remember it - everything, young and old. She was a Woman from capital letter. It is always well-groomed, with a hairdress, manicure, high-heeled.

Life at it was heavy, as well as at all who endured revolutions and wars. On hands at the beginning of the Great Patriotic War there were two crumbs - daughters. And 26 years were most then. All of us know history of our country in Soviet period, I will not describe all difficulties. I was always shaken by its vital firmness, a core. It was very authoritative, nobody decided to disobey it - both will tell, and will be! Behind it there was always the last word. Never any adhered to diets, douches - bathings in ice-holes did not play about. Very much liked to drink a liqueur glass of expensive konyachk, to have a snack on a limonchik. Red loved Ikorka. It at it was not translated. And here meat did not favor. Seldom ate it, and only boiled. But it had a huge cheerfulness and inexhaustible optimism. I think, it also gave it strength powerful, and Lyubov to life.

To visit the grandmother was for us a holiday. Welcomed all. The plumber - the electrician will come on business - will seat, tea will give to drink, for life will talk. All loved it - from neighbors to grandsons. The house always purity shone, always pies smelled in the house delicious.

So helps to keep youth? Soul youth. I think that tastiness prozhivaniye of each moment of life. A positive in everything. In each event sent us, always two parties. I remember how there was in my life not the most pleasant episode - it was necessary to leave favourite work and collective owing to vital circumstances. I became despondent, and the grandmother told me what always gave further me strength: Everything that becomes - to the best! Here you will see - at you it will be even better! . She did not graduate from the psychological institutes, she had no education at all. But it had an extensive experience of life. Difficult life. When it was necessary to survive. And it turned out - made me very favorable proposal, I received a new vysooplachivayemy position, and my career went uphill.

The grandmother always had admirers. All three of her husbands literally carried it on hands. With it it was comfortable to live. At all the authoritativeness she was a sociable, non-contentious person. Very much respected people around and always in people saw at first only merits. Somehow at once accepted the person. Without cautions. Accepted it what it is. And taught us: In everyone there is a talent, in everyone there is a God`s spark. It is only necessary to see it . I was frightened sometimes by her excessive responsiveness. She lived on the first floor, to its apartment everyone could be knocked. And it right there opened for everyone a door. It in ours - that time! And answered our admonitions: And who can offend me? . Indeed, nobody ever responded to her kindness with the evil.

I remember how I brought it the first strawberry. As she ate it! Each berry! Admired it. Accepted as Charisma. And with what love each its dish was prepared. Therefore we will never forget grandmother`s kitchen. The power was the most powerful. And as tasty it did everything!

Sang songs when cleaned up. Washed the floors EVERY day! In 90 years! Categorically did not accept from us the help with economy - to bring only heavy bags from the market, no more. And always and all thanked - for any trifle. The word - what - the BENEFIT gave that And lived - beautifully, powerfully, tasty. It is not with us more than three years My younger sister writes about her the book. Art. Bright. Same, as well as grandmother`s life. Kingdom of Heaven God`s slave Anastasius! We remember you. We love. You in our children. In our hearts. Young and cheerful.