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What has to be in each smartphone?

you sometime thought of in what differ the novice user of the smartphone from skilled? Correctly, the beginning fan of new technologies turns the little, but very clever friend into storage of any stuff which is allegedly urged to help both phone, and its happy owner. I assume that over time experience will prevail, and the user will get only the most necessary and software, useful to it, but as this event can be postponed indefinitely, I nevertheless will decide to help you with this hard business.

I will describe a two-three of programs which, in my opinion, you are simply obliged to feel in a womb of the beyond the years the clever friend. But it will be a question in this article about software for the Series 60 platform.

1. PowerMP3 1. 01

Interface: English

So, the first that this use of the smartphone as a MP3 player ripens in young (and not absolutely) the head, so. I can argue that in 80% cases newly made owners of this miracle of equipment first of all try to check quality of a sound, to find some melodies etc., and already then conjure with all the rest. Taking into account this factor first of all I stopped on a media player.

By means of PowerMP3 you without special difficulties turn the smartphone into a player for a MP3 and a set of other formats. Will please the interface convenient and pleasant approximately which besides supports skins. And 10 - a band equalizer with several presseta and a graphic range - the analyzer will only add pleasant impressions of this media player. There is a support of playlists.

In my opinion, is the best audioplayer which incorporated all necessary for listening of music.

2. SmartMovie v3. 21

Interface: English

If during the work with MP3 as a player of problems can not arise, then with a videoplayer everything is much more difficult. Often there is a need in addition to install necessary codecs, to convert the movie for viewing etc.

In Lonely Cat Games already took care of you, and presented on your court a necessary package for preparation of the movie on house “pet“ and his subsequent viewing on the smartphone. By means of the converter you can lower bitrate of the video, adjust its permission to the size of the screen of your smartphone, and, of course, you were given the chance to correct characteristics of a sound.

This video monster works at a basis of the loaded codecs therefore problems with support of formats, I think, at you will not be. Settings great variety, but that most of all I struck, so it is support of subtitlings. If you are among fans to watch the movie in original language, then, undoubtedly, for you this best solution.

the Unique way to turn your smartphone into pocket movie theater.

3. Breader 1. 93

Interface: Russian.

“ I read, so I think “ - someone from great told. And it becomes even more actual in our century of new technologies, in a century of information boom when you staying at home for only a few seconds can see the familiar person who is in other hemisphere when people have huge libraries of books on the computer and it is not obligatory to run in city library at all being afraid not to be in time to hand over the book as already five o`clock in the evening and library it has to be closed. But now the person went further away, and we have an opportunity to carry the whole collection of books at ourselves in a pocket.

And that your smartphone turned into the tool for any reading e-books, the good eReader is simply necessary for you. In my opinion, one of the most functional programs such is BReader.

is a program, at launch scans file system and finds all files which can be in her opinion e-books.

The interface quite simple and absolutely clear, but on functionality with it hardly anyone will be able to contend. The program easily recognizes all possible codings DOS and Windows. And one more important nuance - this eReader possesses property to adapt the text under the screen of your smartphone. This program is the convenient tool for reading e-books.

In conclusion I want to tell that, of course, it is not the complete list of all those programs which can appear on your smartphone, but considered by me “ softina “ will significantly facilitate understanding of your little friend and will allow to realize his potential as much as possible. From it your love to it will only amplify, so, a purchase was made not for nothing.