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Rules of the game in the Ladies` kingdom or How to survive in women`s collective? Part 1

Around the most cunning intrigues,

From rumors, gossips - it is so sad.

keep figs in a pocket So far -

Each other will smile lovely.

You guess to whom these lines and who their author are devoted? Yes, all this about us, the working ladies, to be exact, about the atmosphere reigning in our women`s collective, and the author of these lines is, naturally, the man...

Having quite solid experience in the collective consisting only of women, watching different types of behavior of women, so-called take-off and punctures, I always adhered to that point of view that the women`s collective is a team of professionals who, having reasonable load, and also a salary worthy and adequate to the carried-out amount of works, solve any objectives qualitatively and in the specified time frames. Notorious intrigues and gossips appear only where something not as it should be: small load, a low wage at considerable amounts of works, etc. But, to my astonishment, many men, think absolutely differently and try to scratch us all alike ...

Recently, having fluently run on man`s forums on the Internet, I learned what, appears, work in women`s collective are infinite horror film long sophisticated torture attempt to survive in a ball of snakes etc., etc. In what the reason of such reaction? Really work in women`s collective is so sad? Actually, it appears, from the scientific point of view, everything is easily explainable. According to experts, men it is simple... are afraid of a big congestion of representatives of a female.

The stereotype according to which the troublemaking and intriguing atmosphere pretty often reigns in women`s collectives is well-known. And this, purely man`s perception is explained by the fact that at work men treat informal communication of women as manifestation of active business fight. Actually, at the weaker sex the daily need for intensive emotional communication is much higher, and this communication exists besides business relations. There is one more dangerous moment for the man in women`s collective: in practice very often employees manage to crush under itself the man - the head then nothing remains to the last except how to work by the principle: Eight maids, one I, where maids - there I . Here in search of an opportunity to recoup for the fears and fears of the man reached what was thought up by online - game with the such name Women`s collective. Office of pleasures with virtual chief accountants, secretaries and other office inhabitants, in hope to feel stronger and more surely at least during game.

All right, we will leave men alone, such is the nature: the fears to turn into the weapon. But and many women are afraid to work in collective similar. Often, having had heard plenty of stories about unsuccessful experience of girlfriends, ladies refuse flatly quite perspective work, motivating it with the fact that absence of prospects and a small salary in " is better; mixed collective, than work among dragon ...

Let`s understand, and whether so the devil as it is painted " is terrible;?

According to psychologists, the women`s collective differs in the high level of working capacity, responsibility. Sometimes this collective happens whimsical, but very and very sympathetic. Kingdom of women always loves gifts (apropos and without cause); there is, of course, and troublemaking, but generally this collective, inherently, kind.

If you have to work in women`s collective, then useful will be to learn about obvious pluses and minuses your future work. As the people knowing at such collective testify there is a set of advantages which we will try to concretize and explain now.


1. Women are more responsible, diligent and assidious. Like and are able to work with full devotion. Idlers meet extremely seldom.

2. Women are more human and tolerant to rivals. Often they transfer the family principles of the relations to work that, in turn, excludes a cruel game against rules (men play the business game rigidly, without hesitating to violate various rules).

3. The feeling of compassion and empathy more is peculiar to women.

4. Women can share the recipe of pie, prompt phone of the doctor, recommend various experts, tutors and so forth

5. Women, as a rule, watch themselves, look good and well smell.

6. It is possible to discuss the latest news of non-political character, a show novelty with women - business, fashionable tendencies, etc. of

7. Women, generally do not abuse alcohol that, in turn, excludes morning, lunch and so forth a hangover.

8. The woman does not need to explain why to you it is bad today: the stomach and a back hurts.

9. At women nerves more patience therefore they " are stronger; rush to fight also win even in extreme situations.

10. Women in estimates and statements, as a rule, do not act rashly more careful.

11. Contrary to general opinion, women, in the main weight, do not knock on colleagues.

12. The woman will always understand the reason of your absence at work if at you the child got sick.

13. If you plan to climb a career ladder, you will not be overtaken by the man (all know that very often appoint the man to a senior position only from - for the fact that, according to heads - men, it looks more solid).

14. The solid women`s collective guarantees strong moral support in difficult life situations.

Undoubtedly, exist, and MINUSES:

1. In women`s collective the corporate competition is more sharply shown (the competition on beauty proximity to the management and so forth) .

2. Women differ in tendency to writing and distribution of gossips (but no more, than some men), create groups, enter the coalitions and sign non-aggression pacts, happens, several times a day.

3. Women have PMS that adversely affects a condition of their nervous system and nervous system of people around.

4. Children are ill women, they need to be substituted off-schedule.

5. In women`s collective there will always be such to herself Mar Ivanna adoring teaching colleagues (sometimes on business, but in most cases - just like that).

Agree, it is plus at women`s collective, all - is, more, than minuses . And how you will join " collective; fighting girlfriends also you will work well together with them, each of us - the master of fate will depend only on your desire, patience and diplomacy, and the justifications and the reasons which prevented to achieve success, it is always possible to find thousands.