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Who such shopper and how him to become?

That can be better, than have a profession - a hobby! And you do the favorite thing, and at the same time you earn money.

Here, for example, you love shopping - so you become the professional image consultant and to style, the shopper.

The homeland of shoppers - America, more precisely Hollywood. It is always especially important to local stars to look adequately. However they or lack time for independent shopping, or taste, or both that, and another. Therefore the competent assistant became for them a necessity.

However, for quite some time now similar service is available also to Russians. The first shoppers of local production appeared about six years ago. It were, as a rule, stylists of glossy magazines, makeup artists, hairdressers and selling assistants. Became their first clients generally a top - managers. They had to correspond dress - to a code of the company in which worked, and there was not enough time for independent replenishment of clothes. Gradually businessmen, politicians, stars began to resort to services of shoppers. And shopping - consultants began to be trained on special courses in image - agencies or in design colleges.

The main objective of the shopper - it is competent to make clothes to the client. And for this purpose it is necessary to know well the ward, his character, lifestyle, habits. Therefore, except excellent sense of taste and ability to understand all fashionable tendencies, it is important to shopper to be also the good psychologist. Also possession of receptions of belief will not prevent that at need to argue the point of view. But at the same time the shopper has to be able to listen and, the most important, to hear wishes of the client.

After detailed conversation with the client and detailed studying of contents of its case there comes the most responsible stage of work - circulation on boutiques. If it is a joint campaign with the client, then the clothes are selected on the place. But sometimes the client does not want or cannot take part in shopping and prefers that the picked-up things brought to it home.

Then the shopper is forced to study independently all range, to select perspective models, to bring to the client them on fitting and to agree with sellers about reservation of things. Here it is important not to be mistaken and to correctly pick up clothes. Often the client is not ready to spend time for fittings twice, and therefore the suit has to sit down at once.

There are no settled service prices of the shopper. When this profession only appeared, rates were about five dollars an hour. Now options of calculations a little. It can be the pure fee - 1 - 2 thousand dollars a month. At the same time the shopper watches a condition of clothes constantly, does new things by every season, makes of clothes sets for every day, to each case.

But to dare support the personal shopper the few therefore other form of payment - gonorarny is more widespread can. The fixed sum which makes a reservation with the client in advance can make the fee. Quite often also hourly payment practices. Here rates fluctuate from 10 to 500 dollars in an hour of shopping.

And, at last, the third option - the fee can consist of the rest of the sum allocated with the client for updating of clothes. Anyway the size of the fee depends on complexity of an objective and popularity of the shopper. Communications play a major role in this profession: generally address shoppers according to the recommendation of acquaintances. Therefore come into contacts, get good reputation and work with pleasure!