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Whether it is possible to control quarrel?

are heavy to quarrel with the person whom really you love. But, despite everything, it occurs, and here will do nothing.

It is difficult to avoid it, but it is quite possible. The main thing - not to give the reason for quarrel. And if quarrel began, then not to lose that thin thread thanks to which it is quite possible to control process of quarrel and - either to soften it, or to replace the direction. Only the choice is not especially broad. But all one after another.

At first we will try to understand the main reasons for quarrels. It will be as a result possible to define, we can avoid it or not.

Strangely enough, most of people likes to quarrel from - for that stream of emotions which they experience. The adrenaline splash in blood only urges on their desire to quarrel, to be exact - to swear.

Mental reintensity can become the reason for quarrel, in this case quarrel serves as a cold shower which invigorates and restores a tone. These reasons are unmanageable, and it is almost impossible to avoid such type of quarrels.

Unlike the reasons given above there is one more which all - can be eliminated if to make some efforts. These are small discontent and offense which arise for various reasons, whether it be the shirt thrown anywhere or a banal lack of attention. From this it follows that this reason arises only in that case when we cease to pay attention to trifles. The way of elimination is simple. We sit down on a chair, we forget about ourselves and we look around not with own eyes, and a neutral look of the detached onlooker, in passing trying to carry out the analysis of that as well as what should be corrected.

But what to do if quarrel did not manage to be avoided? There are two ways: or to stop it, having rushed a breast on an embrasure or to redirect all energy of quarrel to other course.

Option first. The Breast on an embrasure .

The option is badly simple, it is necessary - navsy to agree all to requirements of your opponent. Of course, in soul you can agree to differ, but in words it is necessary to agree. At the same time soon do not try to point at all that you were right as roundabout maneuvers always occupy decent amount of time, but also results them impressive. Quarrel will surely gradually calm down, but this way demands that you stepped on a throat of the pride as in most cases it strongly disturbs and does not allow to take the first step.

Option second. Boeva .

In many styles of martial arts there is such equipment which uses strength of the opponent against him, in quarrel in the same way it is possible to use this effect. As it was already told, during quarrel there is a huge splash of emotions. And so, this splash in purely animal origin. And the animal needs the simplest satisfaction of simple requirements: food, dream and sex. With a dream difficult as excitement is too big. The food, most likely, will be harmful as the perception beats off completely. There is a sex, and it is necessary to begin with the same energy and persistence. It is desirable to bring for application of this reception quarrel to that boundary when words begin to turn into business, or just will begin to repeat very often.

But the best way of permission of quarrel there will be that which you will find as then you will precisely know as when it is necessary to do and speak. It is a pity that there is not always an opportunity to find this way.