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How to feel on fishing as if fish in water? About the bream.

the Bream - very interesting fish from the point of view of behavior as is fish family conducts quite social if it is possible so to speak about fish, a way of life.

General information. the Bream is extended by

almost everywhere in the territory of the European part of Russia and inhabits the majority of the rivers, ponds, lakes and reservoirs. Prefers reservoirs where in the winter in water violation of the oxygen mode is not observed.

In a reservoir keeps, as a rule, families where the largest fish acts as the leader of pack. Such families the triangle similar to the birds flying a wedge float.

At feeling of danger such flock breaks a system and gets off in a small group, only the leader rises over the got-off cohort it is a little above and looks round. If there is no danger or it passed, then the pack is built in a habitual system and continues the slow procession.

The one who supports aquarian fishes of group tsikhlid can observe something similar. Tsikhlida, however, move a chain, one by one: ahead - mummy of family, in the middle - young growth, and daddy closes a procession strict and big. Well and I distracted slightly - slightly!.

It is possible to notice breams on characteristic game in the center of a reservoir where in the evening they actively lap, showing muzzles and tails, and sometimes flying up over water and falling in it, leaving behind big circles.

Spawning of the bream.

the Bream spawns quite peculiar, as if in three stages. The spawning period at water temperature begins from thirteen to fifteen degrees. At this time the birch blossoms, and the small bream spawns. The following stage of spawning of the bream of an average is when the bird cherry blossoms, and the large bream finishes the stage of spawning during a time when cereals begin to ear. Breams grow up very quickly, often by ten years reaching in the weight of seven - eight kilograms and in length of seventy centimeters.

In usual time of a male of the bream it is almost impossible to distinguish from a female. But for few weeks before spawning on the head of males characteristic outgrowths appear. Also they vanish practically at once after spawning.

What influences a biting of the bream. it is active

the bream it begins to be fed with approach of evening. On spring it is well caught hours from six in the morning, and in the summer, especially if windlessly and hot, begins to take long before dawn. Till fall it is better to catch it since dawn and hours to nine - ten morning. The bream and in calm, warm weather pecks at night, under the full moon. The most favorable time for catching of the bream it is possible to call warm days with weak southern or Hugo - the western wind. Small summer rains will affect result of fishing a little.

It is possible to refer existence to adverse conditions for hunting for the bream cold northern or North - east wind before a long bad weather. In such weather the bream almost does not come for feeding. It is useless it to catch also at the increased water level in a reservoir which results from spring floods or autumn pouring rains.

Except the natural phenomena, successful fishing is influenced also by process of preparation of the place for catching. The place needs to be lured. In quality drives will approach fresh ant eggs, cake, a forage from grain grains, different porridges. Privada is put for a two-three of days before alleged catching. But it is impossible to overfeed at all the bream as, having sated, he can not take even baits, more attractive to it.

Than and on what to catch the bream.

Usually the bream is caught on a ground rod, is more rare - on float. As a bait generally use red earthworms, maggots, larvae of a dragonfly, cream of wheat, larvae of the caddis fly. Use also a muckworm, but here opinions of fishers disperse. One claim that on an earth-boring dung beetle the bream takes well, others, on the contrary, deny it, motivating with the fact that the bream - the gourmet, and it frightens off a smell of such bait. My opinion - to take vypolzk or maggots, then the success is almost guaranteed.

When catching on a donka it is necessary to be attentive as the bream very carefully takes a bait, and the poklevka can be not noticed simply: the hand bell will not make a sound. If it was succeeded to notice such poklevka in time, then it is immediately necessary to do cutting and to begin to vyvazhivat quickly fish. At the same time the scaffold needs to be stacked rings ashore and not to allow to weaken that which in water.

At a vyvazhivaniye of the bream it is necessary to use a subnet. When the bream only appears on a surface and will take a sip air, you will have a little time to get podsachek under fish. If the bream recovers before you, then he or will break from a hook, or will long scoff at you until you vainly try to get under it podsachek!

What to prepare from the bream. the general recipes of fish soup which can be made directly at water Suit


The bream baked in own juice.

such dish in house conditions Prepares. The recipe of preparation is to such an extent simple that it should not even be written down! It is necessary to take the large bream and horoshenechko to wash out in cold water. At the same time it is not necessary to clean it and to clean is a feature of this recipe. The washed-up bream needs to be rubbed from above with coarse table salt, to strew with fragrant black pepper and to turn in a food foil. Then the bream is located in the warmed oven approximately for an hour, but it is no more. That`s all, the bream in own juice is ready!

From all Karpov of breeds of fishes the bream is considered the most tasty!