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How to feel on fishing as if fish in water? About an eel.

the Eel - not absolutely ordinary fish. It quite strongly differs from everything, habitual to us, grades of fishes both in appearance, and a way of life.

Besides is one of the most valuable and most tasty inhabitants of water elements. On the earth there are 22 families and about 350 species of eels, but all of them are sea inhabitants who constantly live at big depths of the seas and oceans.

In our regions the fresh-water eel is quite widespread, him still call river.

General information.

the Eel has the extended colubrine body a little squeezed in its tail part and without lateral fins. The head of fish is a little priplusnut. The back of an eel can have greenish or black color, a paunch yellow, is more rare - white. Leather of fish is covered with a thick layer of slime, and jaws contain quite large number of very sharp teeth.

The scales at eels appear only on the fourth year of life. In the fresh-water rivers, streams and lakes live in the basic of a female of an eel. Length them can reach two meters, and weight - five - six kilograms. Males of eels live in mouths of the rivers flowing into the Baltic Sea, and also at its coast, I will tell below - why. The eel is extremely hardy, strong and hardy. There live eels long enough, before quarter of the century.

At night eels can creep on a dewy grass from one reservoir in another, densely covering at the same time branchiate covers. On ignorance it in twilight can be taken for a snake, but you do not hurry to grab a stick or other make-shifts. Just stop and look - it is interesting.

Spawning of an eel.

Once in twelve years, and sometimes and in twenty five, the only time in life, females of eels leave fresh-water reservoirs and go to the Baltic Sea where meet males. Together they leave to the ocean and with Gulf Stream float through all Atlantic to the Sargasso Sea. There are females, having spawned, perish.

Young people of an ugryat within three years overcome distance about eight thousand kilometers, eating plants and small marine animals in way. They come back home, to coast of Baltic, and already from there extend almost across all territory of the European part of Russia. The eel is found practically in all reservoirs of Moscow area, including anonymous, small streamlets and channels!

What influences a biting of an eel. in the Afternoon the eel is inactive

, prefers to hunt at night. In the summer when water in shoal gets warm, he tries to keep in deeper places of reservoirs, in holes and gulfs. There it eats worms, mollusks, river insects, small Crustacea. Eels prefer " more largely; fish dishes to which it is safely possible to carry okunk, brushes, gudgeons and small fry. Eels eat with pleasure also a lamprey. The biting of an eel is influenced generally by tactics of the fisher. Knowing habits of this fish, the preference is given to tackles with the bait which is slowly moving at the bottom.

Than and on what to catch an eel.

to Catch an eel not so difficult as can seem to the person unaware. For fishing it is possible to use both a donka, and a float rod for catching in conducting . As I already mentioned above, the bait has to mix up slowly along a reservoir bottom. If the bottom equal, sandy or oozy, without hooks, then is allowed that the bait was dragged on it. As a nozzle live baits, vypolzk, large earthworms can serve.

What to prepare from an eel. Usually in house conditions we prepare for

eels by the easiest way, as well as any other fish - we fry. The got eels are beheaded, cleaned, exempted from a skin, washed out. Then fall off in flour and are fried on a frying pan with vegetable oil, salt - to taste.

The heads are cut off as there is an opinion that they are poisonous. So, at least, I was told by old men. Itself did not check and on himself did not make experiments! To this article I preferred to take the word to old men. But just in case nevertheless looked in the Network and found, there is such information.

Despite mine, again - skeptical, suspicions, in the Internet there was a large number of recipes of preparation of eels therefore I will give only one of them. (A recipe source - www. Eda - server. ru)

the Eel with horse-radish.

Ingredients: 500 g of fish, 120 g of horse-radish, 1/2 glass of sour cream, on 1 tablespoon of oil and torments.

Way of preparation.

In the pan oiled to fill a thin layer the grated horse-radish, to lay on it pieces of crude fish in 2 - 3 rows, pouring each row horse-radish. To fill in fish with a small amount of the water mixed with salt and vinegar and to extinguish to semi-readiness. After that it is careful not to rumple fish, to merge part of broth, to add to it sour cream and to heat to boiling. Then to add the flour mixed with oil, to boil, fill in with it fish and again to extinguish 15 - 20 minutes.

Bon appetit!