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How to see the world without points?

U of whom four eyes, that is similar to the diver.

At first it were micro - scalpels - notches on an eye became. During operation the patient had to be pumped up by narcotic anesthetics, he saw how the surgeon`s knife approaches an eye. The Lasik technology - laser correction of sight - helps the person to find sight to evening of the same day. The probability of an unsuccessful outcome does not exceed three percent. It is the most popular eye operation in the world on correction of short-sightedness, far-sightedness, an astigmatism long ago.

As all this occurs?

Step 1. we Come to inspection in clinic. We make out the out-patient card and it is paid primary diagnostics. We get on inspection in Diagnostic " line; where it is expected the turn with more than fifty same patients. You are examined on the modern equipment, you learn everything about the sight, and then receive the direction to the doctor. the Doctor will tell

about the forthcoming operation, will give instructions and will register drops for postoperative treatment. You receive the direction on inspection of an eye bottom and go to the necessary office to register in reception. It is necessary to wait for this check about a week.

Step 2. Check of an eye bottom happens the following order: atropine is several times dug in and the pupil extends. We wait for the turn, we pass in an office. Insert a flask into an eye to expand eyelids and not to allow to blink. The doctor looks at a bottom and passes the decision on a condition of a retina. If with it everything is all right, then we pass on operation at once. If is not present - that is necessary correction. This procedure reminds blinking of light directed to an eye bottom.

Again reception at the doctor and operation appointment of the day, blood testing for the analysis.

Some days before operation we begin to carry out appointments of the doctor on drug intake.

Step 3. we Come in the morning to operation. We take away analyses and we settle in hotel. Numbers good - not hospital chamber. There is only no conditioner.

we Go down in a reception. On itself convenient clothes, it is desirable for girls trousers, and that will be inconvenient, and replaceable footwear. From there we pass in an operblok.

We dress trousers, a jacket and a hat from nonwoven fabric, dense boot covers and as astronauts, we pass further. We sit, we wait for the turn together with ten more - fifteen persons interested to begin to see clearly. You are called in an office as control of the equipment. Each operation takes on average 15 - 40 minutes (depends on the one who how many an eye does and how correctly the patient observes instructions of the doctor). Operated drop off, expecting the turn see them it is interested, about themselves ask a question: How it everything occurs there? But all this only until as the nurse calls your surname.

You come into an office, you are stacked on a couch, then ask to close eyes and splash in a face a liquid freezing and cover the face with a loose overall so, there was chtobyvidno only one eye - everything is pasted by some flypapers that did not move. Insert a spring to expand eyelids and not to allow them to blink. Drip different means, put on vacuum and the warning voice sounds:

- Now the machine pozhuzhzhit.

Somewhere on the suburb of consciousness you understand that the laser to you cut out a rag of a cornea and lift it. Dims fog, again drip medicine. Again the warning of the machine and the instruction all the time to look at color sparks: green and red alternate with each other all the time, and then roll to the eyes. All this is followed by a smell of fake: the laser burns out a cornea to the necessary form according to the program of the computer made by results of inspection.

The same happens also to the second eye.

Then you are lifted up, removed in a corridor. We sit and depart from an anesthesia and the first little shock. Eyelids hardly - hardly rise, the freezing pulls them down, and it will last hour two three. We put on dark glasses and we go to number where it is recommended to have a sleep. Eyes cannot be touched, it is impossible to blink, it is necessary to control position of a body: on your cornea the first several hours the made an incision rag still is in semimobile situation and it can be brushed away easily.

In 16 and at 18 o`clock we go on a medicine instillation.

By the evening it is already possible to walk across the clinic territory. Already all is visible without points, we enjoy feeling of freedom.

Step 4. we pass diagnostics Next day: again the table for visual acuity check, but we can already consider the sixth - the seventh lines. We are discharged from clinic, we receive the certificate on repeated survey and necessary references and sick-lists.

the Obligatory term of rehabilitation - one or two weeks. After that still in the limited mode we come back to work with technical means of communication. Sport, the pool and alcohol will be inaccessible month, and then we are restored to full-fledged life without points and contact lenses.

Good luck also look at the world safely!