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Art to be elegant - in what its essence?

Exist thought that art - conversation of two souls: souls of the author and soul of the viewer. Ability to put on - too art in which there are geniuses, masters and laymans. Creating appearance by means of clothes, hairdresses, gestures, a mimicry, the person creates a portrait of the soul. And the more skillfully the person is dressed, the better he is able to give himself, the more his soul tells about him good. And than more tastelessly and more carelessly, that in more unprofitable light his soul appears.

The person who learned to put on elegantly and stylishly wrote an excellent or maybe ingenious self-portrait. Of course, a self-portrait - slyness because the best part of soul is opened for the viewer, and the fact that to anybody not to see necessary, hidden. But people, seeing beauty of work, unconditionally believe that visible and there is a truth entirely. Beauty - terrible force. And elegance - a peculiar type of man-made beauty, which feature - in refinement, refinement and grace.

How to write such portrait? Rare people, like magnificent Audrey Hepburn, get refinement and grace by nature. But if to look what there is an elegance of, it is possible to see that it is not enough natural qualities. And it is optional to have them. Elegance can be gained if to have big desire, an urgent need and opportunities for implementation of dream. And still - to put to it it is a lot of works. Need appears at change of the social status or for career reasons, what is more often. Or from desire to self-express, become more noticeable. Or to become more beautiful also zhelanny.

It is not enough Rather elegant people in the world, and the share of men among them - is insignificant. But to approach an ideal, even small short steps, it is available to everyone.

Without the strong base the building will not resist. And the base in this case is good education as external, formal, and spiritual. Formal education assumes that the person has to be able to tell, be correctly polite, benevolent, it is easy to communicate in any society on any subjects, to behave quietly in any situation, to know rules of conduct at a table etc. Still it is necessary to be accurate both in words, and in manifestation of emotions, and in the relation to the clothes.

In spiritual education development of emotional intelligence is important. Really, without it the person will not be able to select colors and shades of the clothes, will not be able to feel whether that set of articles of clothing which he wants to put on today harmoniously looks. He will not be able to distinguish prettiness and beauty, taking for beauty only bright and evident.

Often the people who are not understanding that things in which they are dressed are not compatible on style, to destination, on color meet. Because there is no sense of proportion which helps to balance what makes ethical and esthetic sense in surrounding life. That is these people cannot form beauty around themselves and in relation to themselves, cannot find harmony of a form and color. The emotional intelligence at them is developed badly or not developed at all.

From what the elegant shape is formed?

Of course, is required a certain material prosperity. Articles of clothing which are evident at once have to be very high quality, and the others - just good. Once you remind, the healthy iukhozhenny look is important that it demands many expenses too.

Commitment to one style in clothes will make life of the elegant person easier. But it is not necessary to be afraid also of other styles that will allow to emphasize the good taste once again. It is dangerous to follow fashionable tendencies which are not tested, or, on the contrary, are become banal by repeated repetition in crowd. It is better to proceed from the motto All ingenious - is simple . Refinement is always simple. Elegantly some conservatism, easy old-fashionedness and traditional character of clothes look.

And, of course, it is necessary to know himself well. To know features of a figure and to be able to hide them or to emphasize. Know what colors go and what - are not present. To thoroughly study the character, temperament, habits, weaknesses to select clothes in which it will be convenient and quiet - comfortably. Both men and ladies on reaching a maturity should not lose realness and to consider the age not to seem ridiculous.

It will be required to know and be able much: how to wear hats, gloves, bags, scarfs how to choose qualitative footwear when also with what to decorate itself where pin a brooch and on what hand carry a bracelet. To men especially: how to tie a tie in all possible ways how to use jewelry how to use the accessories causing respect like a cane, a tube or a hat. And there is a lot of another, including skillful use of cosmetics and perfume.

And it is always necessary to remember the principle relevance . Considering the occupation and a way of life, characters and a solvency of the environment, the visited places, transport which should be used, and a set of other components, it is possible to create beautiful and qualitative clothes in which there will be things for all occasions. It is only necessary to watch not to put on too expensive dress work, and not to come to expensive club in simple streychevy.

Because without irritating people with a type of the clothes and putting on it to the place and at the right time, the person shows respect for people around. In it good education, excellent taste and savoir vivre are shown. What together with ideal appearance also promotes achievement of the object set in the beginning: to correspond to the social status or a profession, to be allocated and become noticeable or simply - to cause interest and admiration.

Let your self-portrait will be created by if not the genius, then the real master! Progress in creativity!