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In what sacral value of the Russian vodka? Reflections at a counter of shop

Brief information of drinkable history in Russia can already be found

of the Testimony of popularity of hard liquors in works of folk art of 10 - 11 centuries. About drinkable business, year so in 1174, in Russia it is for the first time mentioned in the Vyatka chronicle whereas initial dates of production of the French cognac belong to 1334, the English gin and whisky - by 1485, scotch whisky - by 1490, the German schnapps - by 1520.

And here 40-degree the Russian vodka became only 100 years ago when D. I. Mendeleyev found an ideal ratio of water and alcohol in vodka... And in 1894 on this Vodka Moscow special the Patent of the Russian Empire was taken out.

Till 1906 the word " vodka; it did not appear in official documents; they within centuries called vodka simply grain " wine;.

The Russian vodka is reliably protected from any fakes. In - the first, a lot of things in technologies are still kept a secret, it is the state secret. In - the second, initial material, first of all the Russian rye, is as unique as grapes grades in a certain district. Such grain which would be ideally suited under a production cycle does not grow any more anywhere! The Russian rye replaced to other regions loses a number of valuable qualities or in general degenerates.

as a result of the conducted researches since the end of the 19th century began to be considered as the Russian vodka a nice product which represented the grain alcohol in a special way divorced then on weight water precisely to 40 .

Mendeleyev`s contribution to production of gold vodka

Observant Mendeleyev noticed that alcohol has property at connection with water to make mysterious compression of all mix (500 grams of water and 500 grams of alcohol as a result give 941 grams of vodka).

the Famous chemist made a set of experiments before he found the best flavoring and healthy vodka proportion in 40%! Then the scientist - the taster defined that at a strength of 41 or 39 degrees physiological impact of vodka on an organism sharply worsens. And, it is necessary to mix not volumes of alcohol and water, but their exact weight ratios. In return, the Russian physiologist Nikolay Volovich defined the most useful dose of vodka stimulating work of heart and clarification of blood: 50 grams a day.

Numerology and esoterics of the Russian vodka the Numerology is good

the fact that it, appears, can grab and display some hidden regularities of our world which often escape understanding of traditional mathematics. Besides, in numerology the complex of objects which are connected among themselves is important and also have the names. From these positions such phenomenon as the Russian vodka, respectively and now will be analysed.

Moscow - {14+16+19+12+3+1} = 65 = 11 = 2;

Mendeleyev Dmitry Ivanovich - {74+88+83} = 245 = 11 = 2;

Vodka Moscow special - {37+145+87} = 269 = 17 = 8;

Vodka - {3+16+5+12+1} = 37 = 1;

Moscow - {14+16+19+12+16+3+19+12+1+33} = 145 = 1;

Special - {16+19+16+2+1+33} = 87 = 6.

Dealt with numbers.

we Will add a formula of a golden ratio for persuasiveness, and we will receive:

At F = 1,6180339

Vodka the Moscow special:

37 = 1/19*F = 1/3 * F

87 = Secret of a name of the Russian vodka

are given by 1/5*F

interesting ratios for the name " in a square

145 Below; Vodka Moscow person where the numerologichesky images of words presented at first by numbers contact not only golden ratios, but also form the equation:

1/19*F2 + (1/3 * F + 1/5*F) = 1/19*F2 + 8/15*F = 1 (by Stakhov A. P. calculations).

At last, it is possible to put end under calculations.

Mendeleyev Dmitry Ivanovich + Vodka special Moscow = 1;

Moscow + Vodka special Moscow =1;

Vodka = 1.

And at last, one more very curious equality.


All interested know that in Mendeleyev D. I. recipe. 1 liter of water at 40 degrees contains 953 g of alcohol. If to correct and accept a little a condition that one liter of water contains 952 g of alcohol, we will receive

Water (l) - 1;

Alcohol () - 952 - 7;

Degrees - 40 - 4.

It turns out 1 - 7 - 4. And they are the main numbers of esoterics where

1 = 4 = 7 = the ABSOLUTE

the Conclusion

our Russian vodka - natural and perfect manifestation of the Absolute which fatal the great scientist, Mendeleyev D. I. began to see clearly.


When sufferers spill 0,5 liters of vodka for three, they divide a floor - a liter bottle in a proportion golden ratio 5:3 (5 and 3 - the next numbers of Fibonacci which relation aspires to gold proportion ) .

Satisfies to the principle of a gold proportion and the well-known national invention - glugs . It is known that skilled expert can divide a floor - " vodka liter; blindly that is, on to glugs . It turns out, in a floor - a liter bottle 21 glug and, therefore, in each glass it is necessary to pour on 7 bulek that is 21 = 37.

Experts in the field of the theory of numbers of Fibonacci know that 21 is a number of Fibonacci, and 3 and 7 - Luke`s numbers, at the same time the ratio 21 = 3 x 7 is a special case of the identity connecting Fibonacci and Luke`s numbers.

Long live Russian vodka as the best confirmation of laws of the Golden ratio and numerology!