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Groves and - Shana or What is eaten for the Jewish New year?

the Jewish New year or Rosh and - Shana - the major Jewish spiritual holiday connected with many symbolical ceremonies. This year on September 13 and 14 - at the beginning of a month Tishrey Jews of the whole world will note approach of new 5768th year. Both days Rosh and - Shana (on September 13 and 14) are considered as one long in the afternoon and at this time any work is forbidden.

This day, according to the legend, our primogenitor Adam was created and in the same day he broke the B given it - gy will lock and was expelled from the Paradise garden. Since then annually this day God judges the creations and predetermines their destinies the next year. But It turns day of Court into the Forgiveness Day and mercies because Jews of the whole world take this day shofar and blow before the Lord about mercy. And then God changes from the Justice chair in the Mercy chair. Rosh and - Shana - a holiday of clarification of soul. In synagogues of the whole world Jews pray for approach for them the happy New year full of good deeds. Yes you will be written down and signed for kind and happy year! they say each other.

Having come back home from synagogues, Jews say Kidush over a glass of wine, then wash hands and say a favoring on bread which first piece all year by tradition they dipped in salt in memory of bitterness of persecutions and sufferings of the people. For a holiday Rosh and - Shang bread (challah) is dipped in honey that the whole next year was the same sweet.

What always costs at a devout Jewish family on a New Year`s table and what it means?

Bread. round rich challah with raisin acts as bread this day. The circle symbolizes recurrence of seasons, the life course. The raisin in challah gives it special sweet.

Apples. They mean Fruits of trees of the Creator - everyone dips segments of sweet apple after challah in honey, saying: You Are blessed, B - g, the master of the world, the creator of fruits of trees. Yes will be your desire that New year was for us good and " sweet;.

Honey - a symbol of prosperity and a dolce vita.


It is considered b that in each fruit of this fruit of 613 stones as precepts in the Torah.

Tsimmes - sweet carrots - a fruit of the earth of the Creator, sugar of its doctrines.

Fish - a symbol of fertility and abundance by analogy of its abundance in waters. Fish never closes an eye and sees everything. Eyes of fish - a symbol of knowledge, comprehension of wisdom of God. The head of the family eats the head of fish and pronounces words: Let there will be we in the head (in leaders), but not in a tail (not in conducted) . Special honoring of fish as symbol of wisdom and insight found reflection in the Jewish national cuisine. Who at least once did not admire to the real Jewish Gefilta Phish?! The Jewish ethnic cuisine limited to a strict framework of kashrut always gave preference to fish dishes as at their preparation it is simpler to observe it.

Here so Jews celebrate the New year, and I want to wish to these cheerful and firm people of good and sweet New year. Mazl of t!