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How to feel on fishing as if fish in water? About a pike perch.

the Pike perch belong to family of okunevy and is his largest representative.

On appearance and a way of life he reminds a pike, but at the same time has also a row distinctive, characteristic only of it, features.

General information.

the Pike perch very much loves clear water, I skin and well enriched with oxygen. From ground landscapes gives preference to a sandy or stony bottom in deep holes and whirlpools in which the sunk snags accumulate. The lower whirlpools of dams can be frequent such places. The pike perch does not love vegetation and treats it with some neglect. Meets in lakes and reservoirs, but loves the big rivers with a firm bottom more.

Pike perches, especially small and average, keep flocks. After a sunset they jambs reach shoal against the current where hunt till the morning. In the afternoon the pike perch costs in holes.

The pike perch quickly enough what you will not tell about a perch grows. For a two-three of years it can gain already about a kilogram. In a usual catch pike perches weighing from one to three - four kg meet, but cases of catch of individuals weighing about thirty are known (!) kilograms and about one meter long thirty centimeters.

Spawning of a pike perch.

the pike perch begins to Spawn at water temperature from thirteen to fifteen degrees, and there is it from the middle of April prior to the beginning of June. Spawning about three weeks lasts.

What influences a biting of a pike perch.

can Catch a pike perch all the year round (except for the spawning period, certainly). Best of all the pike perch pecks at the end of winter from - under ice, is well caught in June and October, it is bad - during the period before ikromety on open water. The best time for fishing of a pike perch are hours from early dawns and before sunrise, and also from a sunset to complete darkness. In autumn time, especially at cloudy weather, the pike perch can be caught in the morning. If weather changes sharply with temperature drops and pressure, then the biting of a pike perch considerably worsens or stops absolutely.

Than and on what to catch a pike perch.

the Pike perch - predatory fish and therefore gives preference to live food. It is possible to catch it on the live bait. As a bait for catching of a pike perch it is necessary to choose little and surely narrow small fishes, the bleak or a plotvichka will approach. Willingly a beret on the brush that is an exception of the general rules as on a crucian (wide!) as a bait of a pike perch it will hardly be possible to take. During the autumn period of a pike perch it is possible to catch on a vyyun, a young frog or a bunch of worms.

It is the best of all to catch a pike perch on a ground rod, apply to his catching also a spinning, a steep blesneniye and even a float rod (seldom). Diameter of a scaffold at the same time should not exceed 0,4 millimeters. It is worth to remember as well about care of a pike perch: if he notices the fisher, then chances that it in general will approach a bait, are almost equal to zero.

Feature of ground catching of a pike perch is that it is necessary to leave a stock of a free scaffold five meters long that the pike perch could seize the live bait on the run and not feel at the same time tackle resistance.

When catching a pike perch a spinning apply the fluctuating spinners. If to catch from water, then at approach of a spinner to the boat it is possible to pass to a steep blesneniye. At a pike perch quite hard palate and is difficult to cut it, it is necessary to count on swallowing. But if nevertheless to cut, then for catching it is necessary to take very strong and very sharp hooks, and cutting at the same time has to be strong and very fast (cutting).

What to prepare from a pike perch?

Of course, to an ear! It is possible to prepare it directly at water, skilled fishermen have for this purpose specially fulfilled recipes. The pike perch and in a dried look is good.

In marching conditions of a pike perch it is possible to prepare baked in coals. For this purpose it is necessary to gut carcasses, to wash up and salt properly from within. After that inside to put a two-three of peas of allspice, couple of garlic gloves, it is possible entirely, and one laurel leaf. It is better for Lavrushk not to use more than one leaf that as a result taste was not too luscious.

The remained free space can be filled with a cranberry or cowberry (if did not gather, use the cut boiled or baked potato). Upon termination of preparation of a carcass tie with a thread or a twine (that near at hand) and turn around in several layers of wet paper. As such wrapper it is possible to use also the moistened rag. What turned out is stacked under coals in ashes.

Approximately once in five - seven minutes bags of a pike perch need to be overturned on other side. It is done by five - seven times, depending on intensity of heat. Minutes through forty of your pike perch it will be ready. But you should not start a meal immediately! Let he will lie down in the cool place even minutes ten - fifteen that sauce that inside, dispersed on all carcass, and you will manage to prepare all necessary for a table meanwhile.

Aspic from a pike perch was considered as the main delicacy at all times. Such dish can be made only in house conditions, but even then to you will be, than to be proud before the members of household who are constantly reproaching you with stupidity of fishing!

Aspic from a pike perch. properly to clean, draw and wash out Sudachk

weighing from one and a half to two kilograms. At a carcass to remove gills and fins, and also, trying not to injure skin on a back, to take away a ridge bone. Fish entirely in vegetable broth with sunflower oil is boiled. On readiness the pike perch gives all the best in a deep dish a back up and is cooled to room temperature.

While the pike perch cools down, it is necessary to put previously wetted gelatin in broth, to mix and cool. To decorate a dish with a pike perch with the cut vegetables and eggs hard-boiled. On edge of a dish to put the lemon cut by circles. After that fish accurately not to spoil architecture dishes to fill in with the remained bouillon broth. To put a dish in the refrigerator that it there finally stiffened. To a table to give with horse-radish and mayonnaise.

Bon appetit!