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Whether it is possible to live according to own scenario?

Since eight years I kept diaries. In commonplace books described the experiences, but, generally thought out about herself any interesting cases from unreal life.

Judging by the diary, I had boys, appointments, adventures. Actually there was no it. But all I wrote about, I retold to my girlfriends, and on so many at the same time got used to the imaginations that sometimes forgot what actually was an invention, and that the truth.

At my records there was always Elena Viktorovna. Whether she was my senior friend, whether the relative. Actually it was that what I presented myself to adult.

Everyone on March 8 and New year Elena Viktorovna wrote congratulations to Lenochka. Presents. I bought cards, signed and sent them to the address by mail. Mother was surprised and did not understand to what it?

On the first of January I wrote myself tasks for a year: to learn English, to do exercises, to write the detective story, to get acquainted with the boy, to cease to be lazy... well, generally, any children`s nonsenses. And on December 31 the next year I with pride emphasized red that executed also green what was not in time or did not manage. And in writing explained to Elena Viktorovna why so occurred and whether I want to transfer pending obligations to the next year... Ridiculously.

Is interesting the fact that I carried out the word pledged to Elena Viktorovna much with big eagerness, than what promised anyone to another.

Diaries I conduct all life and, re-reading, I can not always remember what was in real life, and that in my imaginations.

As to compose I was always the skilled worker, cases from my life little girls remembered and when they in conversation, addressing me, spoke: Well, you remember how you at the sea got acquainted with Yarmolnik I actually remembered it. Here so, in illusions, there is all my life.

In 10 years I read Updike Let`s get married I liked the character of this book - the nervous and hysterical, but ingenious and sexual artist. Thin, with an Adam`s apple and expressive brown eyes. I also attributed such husband to Elena Viktorovna. She lived in the two-room apartment (my grandmother, similar to the apartment), it had a son (the cleverest, healthy and beautiful). Well, and of course, she was the famous writer.

Various books became some time ago popular: How to become happy How to become successful How to become the rich . Reading them, I paid attention that they are aimed at some separate things or events. To grow rich, thin, find the partner in life

In these books are instructed:

to Set the task.

to Create a clear mental picture.

It is more often to span to concentrate on it.

to Betray it positive energy.

Advise to draw the purpose.

to Paste pictures from magazines on which with photos the objects similar on " are represented; purpose .

I tried to get car thus.

Cut out the picture of BMW from the magazine, pasted it in kitchen over a table, set date, and performed still a set of the necessary operations, and here the car at me did not appear.

When, without having received desirable result, I began to reflect: why it did not turn out I understood that the car - that I presented, and thought of it, but I did not tell either myself, or someone as I took driving test as I this my car and where I go by it as it breaks and who repairs it. Generally, this car did not live in my head.

Re-reading the children`s diaries, I am surprised to what subtleties my children`s imaginations were embodied. The husband, the apartment, the son, books which I write. Sometimes for me it is even a pity that in the childhood I did not lodge Elena Viktorovna in a beautiful country lodge, and thought up her the two-room apartment as just did not see anything the best.

And I understood that a little just to draw, present and concentrate on the dream. It is necessary to live as if what you dream of, not dream, but already come true reality at all. the internal consciousness is a powerful force which influence is felt in each aspect of our life. It, by the way, is the main and major part of our essence, and our progress and failures depend on it. So give to the internal consciousness not just positive, but also concrete installations, data on the desires and dreams.

If I attributed to Elena Viktorovna the son, then she told me that the white sweater in which it will go to a birthday to his girlfriend " knits to the son;. If I actually wanted the car, then I surely would look narrowly at petrol prices, would choose any accessories, would talk about where and as it is better to wash the car. And I it did nothing. I just imagined how it is exciting to go by the car on the sea! As it became clear, I wanted not the car, and to go by car to the sea . At the sea I got. Went by the car of my friend.

Therefore to live as we want, it is necessary not just to aim to get something or to get rid of something, and to see the happy and harmonious life entirely!

Having set as itself the purpose to buy the car, I was mistaken, having thought not that it was necessary for me! I needed not the car in private use, and the car as a vehicle.

And still very important point!

Dreaming, thinking, reflecting - we use words! And all our life develops in strict accordance with that as as we speak!

- What you do now? - I ask the acquaintance by phone.

- I Try to dovyazat a sweater.

Listen attentively: I TRY. Consider this word. I STUDY - it means, I train myself. I laugh, rejoice, manage - the part of S says that the person does something. When we pronounce the word I TRY it means that ourselves torture ourselves, we torment, doing what troubles us. Let`s replace this heavy word with the word I try and work will go easier. Let`s not to say, even mentally it will not turn out will not carry everything is so bad to speak and live as there is a wish. And then everyone will live as it is pleasant to it.

I checked it on myself, about it in The psychoactive dictionary or the book about secret oneiromancy E. Tsvetkov wrote: If I change the speech, the events will change. Words write the world. Life of each of us is a grammatical design. Connecting with each other words and offers, we connect options of svy destinies .

You think positively, be confident that your destiny in your thoughts.

To live according to own scenario it is quite real!