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The teacher - the coach of the team of students or their judge?

the Majority of us studied or studies in higher educational institutions - such is now fashion and need. Therefore the subject of relationship of students and teaching structure is close practically to everyone. We already spoke about ideal lines of teachers, and now I suggest to look at four types of relationship in a triangle the student - the teacher - administration of higher education institution.

The teacher for the student and against administration.

It is the typical representative of that group of employees of higher education institutions who causes ardent love of the wards, paying for it with not really great respect from colleagues. Such person chooses a role of the trainer of students training them for fight against rigid norms and the demands made from above. The similar image of the teacher can develop in several situations. In - the first, the young graduate student who until recently was sitting at a student`s bench and not wishing to pass instantly into camp of carriers of a whip and distributors of gingerbreads can become him. In - the second, the part of students in fight against the administration the person who is skeptical about educational process - for example can take if it informs of one of objects, useless for their future, wards. In - the third, this behavior model is peculiar for some professors who in the status surpassed the administration - for example, have a rank of the academician or degree of MBA - and the behavior show that they do not have a difference to positions of administration or dean`s office. And the fourth type of the teachers playing for students and against the administration is made by those who just represent populism, but on an academic council with the same ease begins to play against students and for foundations of higher education institution. Representatives of all called types are ready to cancel lectures without special arrangements, to release on change a bit earlier, make light of attendance and work of students, give unfairly an appreciation at examinations... and quite often do not leave behind any trace in the student`s head. An exception - the third type of teachers who often become the most favourite and the most useful of professors who met at university.

The teacher against the student and for administration.

the Most terrible look which you can meet in higher education institution. It can become and the young careerist who is afraid of repressions from the head of the department, and drove out of mind the ninety-year-old professor who is not allowing slackness on occupations - anyway they are hated by students and own colleagues play a trick. Daily control, musters at lectures, reports and complaints in dean`s office, the most strict examinations - such attendant of education is the typical judge who is ready to show a yellow or red card for any student`s offense.

The teacher - the ally and administrations, and students.

Very rare representative of population of employees of higher education institutions, but the best of the colleagues. At the same time understands that the student needs really to know and how to coordinate it to the educational standard. From such teacher there are pleasant memories, useful knowledge and a regret that it is not enough such teachers.

The teacher against all.

the First type of such people are made dissatisfied with all on light (including the salary) by people who just are angry on people around - both chiefs, and students. Gloomy, cruel, useless in educational process. The second type - the teacher against all, but for bribes . Teaches nothing, does not fulfill any requirements of standards, but each session collects collections of portraits of the American presidents. The only positive moment at such people - that not really there is a lot of them.

Successful study more good teachers to you!