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The status of the man - what influences it stronger than glory, achievements and money?

Each person whom we face in life receives in our consciousness a conditional assessment - from set such estimates put by people around, the status is also formed. This concept is especially important for men - we already argued on whether the representative of a strong half of mankind is capable in general to cease to seek for increase of the rank in society.

As a rule, the status of the man is estimated on two indicators - it is his situation in society and the state size . A classical example - the nobility and the bourgeoisie in the Russian Empire. The first held a high position in social hierarchy thanks to titles and influence, the second - thanks to plants and wealth. And absolutely not obligatory that the nobleman was rich, and the bourgeois had the famous ancestors. Today such division was transformed to government officials and businessmen - the ambitious entrants arriving on faculties of management choose, in fact, between the certificate and a state - and this choice is not always simple.

But there is one more factor which is capable to interrupt the men called at an assessment parameters . When what I want to talk in this article about comes into force, the man on the sixth model of Zhiguli can be in the opinion of people around more respectable, than the owner of Audi - the six. This factor is capable to cram to begin to envy wildly the plane of the man sitting in the first class to the student passing a class in the house-keeper. Only the subject of our article in a flash will convince schoolmates that the fat botanist of the beefy cheerful blonde wearing spectacles much more abruptly with blue eyes. I think, you already understood what can change so understanding about the status of the man?

The only parameter of an assessment of the representative of a strong half of mankind capable is more important to appear money and a social status combined, is the woman who is nearby. Examples of that can be met everywhere - and the most distinct of them is attempt of the guy to become more attractive in a disco by means of the attractive sister or the girlfriend of the childhood which he asks to dance together with it. Later it invitations a top - models on secular receptions, searches of beautiful and clever wives - all this higher levels of development of simple youthful cunning.

It is interesting that the model with two diplomas with honors is capable to lift the status of the less successful husband to heaven, but the winner of the championship of Russia on bodybuilding owning a mansion in the center of Moscow and finishing the doctoral dissertation will not lift the ugly and uneducated darling in the opinion of people around not a jot. Just as large diamond is capable to decorate any ring, and the low-quality piece of glass will spoil any ring, the woman can ennoble and crush the status of any man, and the man the status of the woman does not.

Men, reflect and how you are influenced by the woman who is nearby? By the way, dear women, you can think of the influence too...