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Who revived interest in the Tungus meteorite?

on September 13, 2002, 5 years ago, at the dacha to Peredelkino the most famous Russian writer fantast Alexander Petrovich Kazantsev died. In one and a half weeks prior to the death Kazantsev noted the 96 - the anniversary so to century anniversary there was not enough very little. By then most of colleagues with whom Alexander Petrovich created such science as a paleoufologiya went to a better world for a long time. And only the patriarch exchanged two centuries - having stepped from XX in the 21st century.

Alexander Petrovich was born on September 6, 1906 in Akmolinsk (Kazakhstan) which the family left when the younger son was only 6 years old. Moved to Petropavlovsk. Since young years Alexander liked to observe how sort and assemble any mechanisms, tried to help adults. On the termination of a gymnasium came to real school where very much was proud of all what is made with own hands: the wrenches, stools and other hand-made articles which are not demanding special qualification.

Further during civil war Alexander came to technical school, studied two years, but in the summer its destiny was resolutely changed. He settled on the steamship Petrograd which went across Irtysh, a maslenshchik - the probationer, and (in Russian professional education) who advised to throw technical school to devils unexpectedly got acquainted with the manager Glavprofobr, and to get a job in institute in Tomsk. The manager even prescribed paper at which in Tomsk looked with surprise: the bearer of the document was only 16 years old, and admitted to institute with 18 - ti!

But all will grind persistence and work. To Alexander allowed to attend lectures, and this is important. And here he fell in love with physics, mathematics and other exact sciences, trying to absorb knowledge, without reckoning with time. His inquisitiveness and interest encouraged professor. Here only in one they could not overpersuade: to graduate from higher education institution within five years. On a last year Alexander studied three and a half years. And, purposely: it took the most difficult projects that to understand everything. And at the same time also worked at

" plant; Mashinostroy arisen on the basis of institute, and even the assistant to the mechanic of the Beloretsk steel works, being still a student

the First very sonorous invention of Kazantsev - an electric gun. He thought up it, working just in Beloretsk. Also brought to Moscow, to show to the top Soviet management. At first he visited Nikolay Bukharin`s office, then showed model to Sergo Ordzhonikidze and Mikhail Tukhachevsky. And the minister of the heavy industry Ordzhonikidze so grasped at the project that disposed to transfer the young inventor from the Urals to the next Moscow area. Moreover, to it the laboratory for experiences was allocated. Than the inventor of eminent persons of the state could carry away? He assumed that its electrogun can shoot intercontinental (!) shells.

But the fact that beautifully it did not seem in the theory could turn out in practice. To keep energy during flight, the special condenser was required. What only materials were not tried by Kazantsev and those academicians and professors who were keen ideas, but the similar condenser did not manage to be invented.

Approximately at this time, after acquaintance to Ivan Shapiro, Alexander Petrovich begins literary activity, they in common wrote the scenario scientifically - the fantastic movie Arenida . They won a competition of scenarios, but did not allocate for shooting of money, at this time everything went on needs of defense. And on the basis of the scenario Kazantsev wrote the novel The Flaring island which was published in the " newspaper; Pioneer truth for two years.

In the Great Patriotic War the colonel Kazantsev hardly avoided death. Once already on its outcome he got into a car accident. When it was brought unconscious to hospital, doctors counted about 18 wounds at the officer. But got out

Being on a hospital bed, Kazantsev reflected much on how the world is fancifully arranged, sometimes one episode can abruptly change life. And what to tell about if someone interferes with our reality from the outside? For example, some other aggressive civilizations. It will be more terrible than atomic warfare. And two bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki will seem florets

I here for the first time at Kazantsev the thought flew. And what if such attack already was? It quickly ran on events which could remind nuclear explosion and here dawned on it: The Tungus meteorite which in 1908 destroyed all live on the huge square. It, by and large, very few people were engaged, were which - what researches, no more than that

So in a brain of the writer the story plan - hypotheses " appeared; Explosion . In it for the first time in literature it was told about nuclear chain reaction of the explosion which ruined in 1908 over a taiga before descent to Earth the alien ship...

On December 1, 1945 Kazantsev read the story in club of writers in Moscow. It caused rough discussion. Someone believed in the theory of the author, someone furiously argued with him. Not smaller reaction was caused by the publication of the story in the first post-war issue of the magazine Science and life . There were also those who accused the author of anti-scientific character because the problem of the Tungus meteorite which rolled in a bog allegedly is solved long ago

Nevertheless more than hundred enthusiasts - scientists and fans of science went as a part of many expeditions to a taiga. Among them there was also an expedition organized at the initiative of the academician S. P. Koroleva. They gathered as its participants joked, to look for pieces of the Martian ship " in a taiga;. And Felix Yuryevich Ziegel, the patriarch of the Soviet ufology suggested Kazantsev to put the performance Explosion in the Moscow planetarium. Ziegel acted as the lecturer, the performance made long history and mad success.

It is necessary only to list those hypotheses which Alexander Kazantsev developed and tried to apply. For example, a plan of transformation of the Arctic - construction along the Siberian coast of a pier from ice: if to fence off a coastal strip of the seas from the Ledovity ocean, it will not freeze all the year round. The remote, but rich Areas of Siberia will become available! Roman received the name Pier Northern

Someone figuratively compared novels and cycles of stories of Kazantsev to scientific forecasts. One names of what stand: Lunar road (1960), Planet of storms (1959), epic Faeta which basis was formed by idea about visit of Earth by inhabitants 10 - y planets of Solar system - the Phaeton. Novel Hope dome - about construction of the huge city in the thickness of the Arctic ice where the hero of work, the academician Anisimov, dreams to make artificial food products. But besides fantastic ideas, Kazantsev created scientifically - the art sketches devoted to development of a virgin soil: Athletes of the fields (1955), Earth calls (1957). And novel The Bubbling emptiness (1984) it is devoted not to somebody and Sirano de Bergerac.

I was lucky to communicate to Alexander Petrovich personally. Struck me that this the elderly, much seen and worried person, with a particular interest listens to our impressions about work of expedition in a geopathogenic zone. It did not interrupt but only sometimes inserted remarks. It were small diamonds thanks to which our confused picture got accurate outlines.

Such people are surely necessary on our way that we saw: as it is necessary to study much that the nobility at least is not enough!