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MARK, HL. 4.

Opening new - always work. It is necessary to overcome old habitual views of the nature of things. There is a dilemma. On the one hand, it is boring to live with the settled knowledge. Earlier put, apprehended, processed settled the potentiality. On the other hand, any introduction new, fresh, causes a rough wave of rejection old, bone . But to live with the settled knowledge it is impossible and uninteresting further.

The teacher is similar to the sower, ... just as if the person will throw a seed into the earth and sleeps . Its work is made. If his word is true, he can not worry about further. Teacher`s responsibility also consists in it - responsibility to the World for the validity of the words.

In what our responsibility? Those who want to construct the life.

All of us are different. And nobody knows us better, than ourselves himself. What for the field we need to plow up? These are our habitual views, our bone representations. Nobody argues that it is heavy to plow, but there are no two ways about it.

Everything happens in parables . We sit and we reflect, in private with ourselves, nobody disturbs, distracts. Everyone is busy by itself. We understand: in total not that and all not so. What disturbs us eyes to look and see, ears to listen and hear, reason to understand ? Fear. Fear of life. It is possible to accept a seed, but then it is necessary to change a lot of things, it is necessary to work. This - that and is terrible!

Russian " Is big and mighty;. And it is right for any language of living. In what complexity? That each word, each phrase it is possible to interpret in one thousand meanings.

All of us have one Mother and one Father and, therefore, we aspire to same. We live, we communicate, work. We discuss different Ideas. How to understand another? What did you tell? What measure to take? It depends only on me. To belong as I would like that treated me? But in it there is no development! And I will not be mistaken if I lift a measure, the importance of your words on the highest for me height. And my conscience will be true before you. And we will grow up together, we will understand each other. And it, I precisely know, the most important on the earth. That you were understood!

I guess that I am not an ideal in your eyes. But I will try, I will strive for perfection. In this aspiration there is also a life Essence. If you try, well if met, so we were necessary each other. And if two persons aspire towards to each other, then they will surely meet and will manage to speak.

We which year we go the same road. Everything is trampled. Nothing grows. And still, nevertheless, nevertheless...

We are capable to create. In it sense of our birth. Our heart - the best compass.

Listen to the heart. It is necessary to open to the world. Here it is a root! To become the businessman! How? Previously to ACCEPT the word, thought, idea. At a medal, as we know, two parties. The second: to decide on an act. Not to become isolated in a shell. Previously to make the decision to follow a way of self-knowledge. Very important point. There will be take-off and falling! Let`s misunderstand this or that, in ignorance we will deceive. Everyone will be. But promised will support, will not allow to lower hands, will inhale forces. And the most important: not to lose grain, not to forget, not to distract, not to lose this or that reference point which was accepted a few years ago. Otherwise we go astray, and everything loses meaning. Better also did not begin.

And we will curtail from a habitual circle of things on the stony place where there were lands " a little;. The pleasure of a fulfillment, overcoming of difficulty of the first step will capture us. Eyes as if awakening from the deepest dream will open. As it is a little made! As much still it is necessary! And take-off, naturally, will bring falling. So it is remarkable! There would be no happiness and the misfortune helped! We groped a track.

We eradicated envy, vanity, arrogance. Yes unless we envy foreign wealth? NO! We envy what to them already from the birth is what to be engaged? Or that who healthier, than we? NO! In the business they derive strength and time. The arrogance torments us and does not allow to recognize: I am an idler. To nobody and for anything it is necessary. Deletes from a circle of people, busy. To accuse of unreasonable vanity someone and something for the unfortunate life! EMPTY!!! We envy businessmen. To people of business! To the businessmen capable to make decisions and to bear responsibility! To all at what each hour, day after day, is devoted to lifework.

Having love to work - it will be given in total. Because what we did, we do for people! Without true love to people also what we have " will be taken away;.

We reach for light, we want to live, feel heart beat. As all skin to feel fugacity and pricelessness every second! And first step behind...

We had a SUBJECT of our LIFE! Ourselves provided employment to ourselves, got rid of unemployment, boredom, poverty, loneliness. We control everything, we define, we choose. We became owners of own life. That`s great! Forward and forward, it is impossible to look back. Years run...

And as it is interesting. It is earlier sad as if guinea gooses, with envy and melancholy in eyes, we saw off fellows at way. And it was necessary how to discuss and, by itself, to condemn nothing color of feathers, and fly not so and do not hold a wedge. Now our hour! And to us not before talk on theories of flights. We in air, we fly, we feel elasticity of air. And types - that what... Also is not present for us This

I understand - LIFE.

Also there are people cleverer us. Also we will listen, how many we can hear we will also make effort over ourselves, and we will absorb more and more more. Passing through heart and reason. Layer behind layer lifting the earth condensed earlier. Here it, revaluation of values, intellectual work!

And maybe, our word will help someone at a difficult moment. Give - that God!

Or there are a lot of joyful faces around? Or we did not comprehend anything yet, or our word yet not weighty, is not weighed on life scales? And speak: has no weight.

But it seldom happens. A bird it is visible on flight of thought, on that we and people. And the person stops judging - to ryadit, dress up people in the clothes. Step by step, not being tempted with cares of this world, not being under a delusion with wealth and other wishes begins to get rid of egoism.

Not what people made for me and what I made for people? Whether also I made everything that could? Oh, not easily...

Look back, brothers around! Together came to the World, together and we will leave. the ball comes to the player . A skin yes meat are necessary to the hunter and and an animal, knowing that it is time to die, wants not to decay under a bush, and to be useful fully. And to feed, and the head to save from a frost and you never know still what in the expert`s hands. Here and we run one after another, without understanding why were born contemporaries.

And who understood does not think of himself any more. There is no time it, not to trifles. It is necessary to sow in soul.

Each - individually. And, of course, it is fair - for them . We see the end result. And it is correct: to deal with itself. What there who in life had from where we know? We know!

Here, it turns out what fortune is gone through! Here what that should be looked for - and where -

Yes as we do not hear?

In each of us the God`s Voice, a voice of our Conscience. And not to get to, not to emigrate, not to escape from itself anywhere. Let`s understand truth together!

Ideas move the world human. Our generation leaves, also we leave, and after us there are our ideas. Art is big to discuss not persons, and those ideas which are introduced to the world. On the other hand - it is enough to look as the person lives, than breathes, than is interested, and much, much will become clear. To be objective, it is necessary to eat pood of salt . To see the person in work, on vacation - his nobility from within . It is possible with relatives. But the world is not limited to our house. Here we both look and we do not see. And we left one cradle, isn`t it?

Spiritual growth is primary. Then, as a result, judgment. Decision-making, choice of a way of action and, at last, act. We will receive a certain result. Main - personal, sensual and intellectual experience. A harvest season, harvesting - gained. What remains with us forever what will allow us in the future to separate grains from a ryegrass .

The way of knowledge of leads to understanding of another. Mistakes, failures, falling, sins are desirable and are even necessary. They demonstrate to us our true forces, opportunities, knowledge. Do us wiser. Teach softness and generosity, care and accuracy in the relations with people.

Life of Great Teachers - a bright example for Mankind.

We see further and eventually, are living still because we stand on THEIR shoulders.

They thought of us! The way to Golgotha is passed for us!

Now business in us. What will we leave behind?

No book will replace the LIVING WORD of the TEACHER.

But those who lived near It who heard it according to the lights the tried to give us spiritual ancestors, immemorial truth. All the life showed us the validity of the WORD.

We grew up, became cleverer and more carefree. And only great accidents, huge shocks of private life bring us out of spiritual apathy. Force us to reflect as for whom we build the price of human lives? Whether our descendants in " will want to live; happiness constructed on misfortune of others ?

In centuries, in the millennia we are given a hand, remember us, thought of us and think. The life having testified the validity of the WORD.

Many thanks to you,