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How to put on to look worthy at work?

are Met, as we know, on clothes. Even on interviews at employment. It already then, continuing acquaintance and saying goodbye, see off on mind, abilities and other parameters of character.

At the first meeting with whoever it was, it is necessary to show ability to dress well at once. Under ability to dress well I mean first of all not brands and a large number of diamonds, but a harmonious combination of things of your clothes with each other, with you and your financial opportunities - because all that glitters is not gold (not all expensive is qualitative).

The famous American consultant Tom Peters says that each person - to a brand. I agree with it. Therefore how you will build the brand as you will present yourself, a role plays important. In other words, you - an apple, your clothes - a plateau (whether with a blue kayemochka is your business).

In the world of business which office workers, managers, businessmen and others treat today reaction to clothes, not suitable to a situation, can be more condemning, than in other circles. Instead of giving up you acquaintance, can separate from you, on the contrary, motivating it in the different ways: from simple disgust (if precisely to look at you) before carrying out a parallel between your type and quality of your work. Therefore becomes necessary to be able to put on qualitatively that does not demand huge money, but needs considering surely.

In the world of business clothes there are two indisputable truths:

1) Quality lives long and admits everywhere.

2) Avoid extremely fashionable clothes. It is better to reach compromise between the fact that as it seems to you better for your career and it is convenient to you. If the deep decollete draws attention of a man`s half of workers (though if you the poor workman, such attention long on the place will not keep you), demonstration of underwear will not give positive emotions to the administration and colleagues.

Clothes style has to be based on how you want to present yourself and the campaign. When you doubt what clothes will be the most acceptable for your workplace, a conservative set - as a rule, the best idea.

To men, choosing a suit, it is necessary to consider four elements: quality, fabric, as it sits and proportions. Your suit has to speak for you: I know that I do .

As a rule, double-breasted jackets are suitable for broad-shouldered men with narrow hips though much to rectangles (width of shoulders and hips is identical) they go too. Low men better look in a jacket on two buttons, higher can wear a jacket with three buttons.

Monophonic - color - monophonic one of rules of business etiquette which says that drawing has to be present at a business suit once.

The only thing which is allowed to reflect mood of the owner is the tie. Brightly - red ties express expressivity, some inconsistency. The combination is bright - red color with yellow - relaxedness, persistence in upholding of the position. Red drawing against a dark background can testify to self-confidence, commitment. Blue, it is dark - brown colors with addition red, slightly - slightly emerald report about goodwill, readiness to consider foreign opinion of the opponent. It is gray - pearl colors emphasize ability to dominate emotions. It is poisonous - green in combination with yellow point out some vigilance. Blue ties radiate tranquility.

Not so long ago all women were forced to carry the feminized options of men`s suits to succeed in the world of corporate culture. Now they have a possibility of the choice and can put on more brightly and more colourfully and is more womanly.

Women should remember the skirt length because:

- long, tight skirts can express refinement, but can testify to estrangement;

- wide, long skirts give to appearance of the woman openness and friendliness;

- the short fluttering skirts do appearance of the woman in a skirt changeable and free;

- long jackets with short skirts add a shade of professionalism and refinement.

The footwear of women has to be on an average or high heel - from 2,5 to 7,5 cm. In business clothes of the woman under no circumstances there should not be an open footwear (barefoot persons, sandals) and rough, sports shoes. In the afternoon days it is better to refrain from carrying the varnished footwear.

Color of clothes characterizes you as the personality, and often testifies to the authority whom you possess.

Self-assured people can give preference to rather bright, saturated flowers. It will allow to draw attention to itself once again. Margaret Thatcher often appeared on formal receptions in red and blue suits, and the English queen Elizabeth sometimes gives preference to strict suits brightly - yellow color. More modestly and elegantly look pastel tone.

As if it did not seem strange, black color does not correspond to business etiquette. Stuffed fabrics with bright drawing (flowers, peas, a large cage or a strip), poisonous colors, and also combinations red and green, yellow and pink, yellow and red are contraindicated to a business suit.

Actually the main secret of the correct style consists in the correct selection of clothes which is suitable for any situation.

At selection of clothes consider corporate culture at work, regional features, and also your hobbies in a time off. At desire compromise can always be reached.

If you need to make a choice between purchase of two good stylish articles of clothing or one conservative, but the superior quality, then it is better to choose the second - you do not progadat.

The main thing, you remember - neatness and an ukhozhennost are more important than expensive brand.