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How to prepare for a gefilta Phish for the Jewish New year and not only?

there Came Rosh and - Shana, the Jewish new 5768th year celebrated this year on September 13 and 14. With ignition of the first candles at the same time on all planet the Jewish families will sit down at a holiday table which decoration will be by all means stuffed fish, or in translation into Yiddish to a gefilta Phish.

Ashkenaziysky Jews are natives of Europe, stuff fish in more or less similar way. There is lazy to a gefilta Phish - banal fish cutlets, without fish skin in jelly from own gain. But do not show such fish to the real Jewish hostess from the Kiev Hem or the Odessa Moldavian. It is possible to run!

Ya - for real to a gefilta Phish. Let`s start?

We begin to choose fish. We buy a fresh young pike (elderly pikes give ooze). The pike pulp will leave on forcemeat, skin and stones - on a gain. (A pike - a basis, but not fish for Phish). We buy a decent silver carp or a carp. If carries - mirror then it is not necessary to clean. It is possible to add still some grade of fish. I manage a pike and a carp. They supplement each other - the pike to taste is neutral, a presnovata, the carp is sweetish. Now in the fall our fish acquired a fat towards the winter. It will fit.

We will prepare and we will clean 3 - 4 beets about a fist, carrots, onions and separately washed out onions peel, a parsley root in advance, we will cut greens, we will soak in water (not in milk - it is not necessary!) bezdrozhzhevy white loaf or matzo. Let`s prepare a pure gauze sack, couple of fresh eggs. The meat grinder and sharp knives stands at the ready nearby. Let`s roll.

We clean fish. We separate the heads. Scales in a separate pan. We cut lengthways through ridge from within and carefully a hand we separate meat from skin. It is possible not to stand on ceremony with pike skin - it for business not very much is required to us. And here the carp demands the tender address. But as as I already spoke, during this time of year it already nayet to itself(himself) to a fat, the separation of pulp from skin should not cause a problem. Let`s put aside leather of a carp. We choose large bones from pulp and we put it in a pan. We separate the yolks from the whites. Whites are beaten up to the dense weight in foam, we put till a time in the refrigerator. We brown part of carrots and onions on vegetable oil. Now we connect pulp of a pike and carp, we scroll on the meat grinder with addition grain or a matseva of pulp, garlic gloves and pan-frying. We knead fish forcemeat with yolks and the browned weight, we salt, we pepper. Forcemeat has to be rather elastic, uniform. In the last turn we add whipped whites in forcemeat and it is finally kneaded. Let`s clean above in the refrigerator for jelling, and at this time we will be engaged in a pan.

I stuff fish in an utyatnitsa, but behind absence also the pan will descend. In a gauze sack we put fish scales and bones. We stack on a pan bottom. We cover this business with pike skin and a layer of onions cleanings. We cut circles beet and we cover with it a bottom and walls of a pan. Also we cut the remains of carrots and onions circles and we put aside.

Now we are engaged in the most important - we mold fish. We develop skin - I do it already in an utyatnitsa - on one half of skin we spread forcemeat and we give it the form of fish, we close the top piece of skin, excess forcemeat is deleted. Stuck together fish? It is similar? Then went further:

We fill with the remains of forcemeat both heads, we stack carcasses on each side. If not all forcemeat left, create from it teftelk and there. Fill in accurately with boiled water fish entirely, but not much. Let`s begin to boil, remove a skimmer foam and safely diminish fire. It is necessary to cook fish hour one and a half - two. In 15 minutes prior to readiness add couple of grains of allspice, a laurel leaf and circles of carrots and onions. Nedosol is corrected by

, peresol (if there was such misfortune) we clean a rice handful provarivaniye a sack from a gauze. Color of fish soup has to be beet, color of fish skin - golden.

Now the most important - not to destroy integrity of a carcass at extraction of fish from a pan. Let`s fish cool down, merge a gain in a bowl. I use a special frame with handles - it is available in an utyatnitsa of firm Bergoff, but who has nothing at hand, have to get out somehow that fish did not collapse. Generally, not washing so driving, you got a carcass, exempted it from the stuck onions cleanings, beet and other pristavuchek. We spread a carcass in a deep oblong salad bowl, we fit to it the head stuffed karpyyu. Somewhere sideways we will hide the second head, as well as quenelles. On each side we spread beet circles, we strew this business with the greens of parsley prepared in advance and we fill in with a gain - a yushka (I filter a yushka through a strainer). It is possible to decorate aspic with a lemon slice, a circle of hard-boiled egg. Usually I delete at the boiled heads of an eye (they such directly faugh!) and I insert butterdishes into eye hollows. (Though traditionally very kosher people of an eye do not delete as they bear a certain religious sense). Leave fish in the refrigerator before jelly hardening. Include a terpelka and wait for the beginning of a holiday.

Gefilte Phish moves in own jelly with red horse-radish, boiled potatoes and pieces of boiled beet from jelly. Under this Phish usual white table wines with sourness as your fish will take a sladkost from beet and Karpova to pulp are good. Some eat Phish not in the form of a jellied dish, and we heat. I prefer in the form of a jellied dish. I cut before the giving on plates. Let`s your fish stand on a table entirely, to stand out before eaters.

By Judaic tradition at Jews it is accepted to give the head to the head of the family. Over it he / she says certain manuals. (Remember, at the same time not to occupy it with talk while it works on the head - bones great variety!) .

Here such it, fish - Phish in classical execution. Appetite pleasant to all!