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Who is guilty: person or dog?

Probably, saw that to be created in the spring when snow begins to thaw. In total around it is mined dog " shit; - the phrase which is stated in one of comments on my next article.

Saw. And most such picture is not pleasant.

I do not know how in other regions, but we pay a tax for keeping of a pet, namely, for work on mitigation of consequences from the happening unforeseen situations during walk with an animal.

Besides, each person walking a dog has to carry with himself a scoop with a kulechok. If the person neglects the established rules, then not the dog, and the person is guilty.

Quite often I hear phrases that stray dogs tortured. They frighten people, bite and so on. Yes, it is. Packs of homeless dogs constitute big danger. And not only for the person, but also for domestic dogs. Here plays as a territoriality factor, and a social inequality. The domestic dog irritates pack of homeless dogs.

However, homeless dogs just like that do not appear.

I will tell more, I had a sin concerning a doggie. And, probably, dogs remove this information, feel. Otherwise I cannot explain why the small doggie, silently, caught to me in a leg then I long limped, and the leg got bruise. Even I am guilty here, but not a doggie. There was also the second similar case.

Stray dogs are afraid of proximity of the person. The lost and very hungry vagrant try to contact. At the wrong actions of the person the aggression directed to protection or places in this situation can be proved. And it is quite explainable. Our friend has a grief, a stress moreover what. And as if we behaved if appeared among the dangerous world in private with themselves, without contacts and any support? I think that would be alerted. And the behavior owing to the character would be a miscellaneous too.

Practically in all cases the dog warns about the intentions. But their language should be understood, and then they will understand us. And to understand, first of all it is necessary to fall in love with them. If the person learns to understand them and itself will become kinder, then, perhaps, and there will be no sad moments.

Mother told how the dog tormented the baby... Gore - parents... Where their head was when left the child with a dog? In this case it was necessary to be reinsured. As the baby and a dog are incompatible not only from the point of view of hygiene, but also safety. The elementary jealousy can be a cause of the tragedy.

One acquaintance I advised not to hold a house doggie as noticed strange behavior of a dog. It did not attach significance to my cautions. Later her daughter, then mother were bitten. And only when it was bitten, they brought a doggie to the village. Who is guilty? I think, the person - in this case the hostess.

Themselves was rescued, the doggie was hardened.

When the adult dog is violently taken away, she will become kinder not. Strange? No. The person behaves also. To take away moreover put a dog on a leash, it is possible only since the childhood. Otherwise we will strongly torment her if not to tell more. To what I remembered this history? To the fact that dogs copy our character our relations also try to be on us similar. If in the house it is restless, then do not wait that your friend will give you an example of tranquility. And in this case the person, but not a dog is guilty.

Concerning dogs I will tell that they feel the huge discomfort when they have to send natural needs for presence of people or to a lawn. The hopelessness of situation forces them to it. Tell me, please, how often you saw the homeless dogs sending natural needs? I did not see. The territory tag urine is not considered departure! It is the same mark, as at the person border of possession. Only it is put in the different ways in connection with various human physiology and dogs.

Sincerely I ask to forgive me - dog lover - for their protection. But I very well understand them, as well as they me. And friends in trouble are not left. Therefore I will tell that it is guilty of dog sins of people - unambiguously!