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Why the commodity researcher is necessary?

All of us like to go shopping, to buy something. Something useful, beautiful, bringing us joy. And whether you what huge work workers of trade should make know to satisfy all our preferences, to consider such different tastes and to offer qualitative goods?

For example, the number of sales in which all shops are interested depends on our purchasing power. And it, in turn, depends on a set of the most different factors. For example, fall of 2001 people sharply ceased to make major purchases. It turned out that it was affected by the tragedy in the USA because the stress and uncertainty in tomorrow force to postpone such purchases. Here commodity researchers also have to foresee such situations. They care for that on counters in the necessary quantities the various and qualitative goods got.

The list of merits of the commodity researcher does not come to an end with it. It at the same time both managing director, and keeper of reputation of firm. Any company if it thinks of the future, will not refuse services of the expert who knows everything about goods. So the commodity researcher is also prestige of shop, firm or enterprise.

What the real commodity researcher has to be able? the Commodity researcher is better for

than others understands quality of goods. It will distinguish original production from a forgery in a few minutes. Or, for example, one attentive look will be enough to reject the footwear sewed from different pieces of skin. However, very often defects cannot be defined approximately but also it it does not matter. The commodity researcher surely feels in any laboratory, knows hundreds of state standard specifications, can define a grade, learn structure, check, production is how safe. And for this purpose it is necessary to be at the same time both the chemist, and the physicist, and the microbiologist.

But also it it is not enough to know goods. Each expert in this case has to study the market, know needs of buyers, understand modern fashion, be able to organize trade, to conduct negotiations, to know bases of marketing, an esthetics, sociology, psychology and it is a lot more what another. Thanks to this knowledge the good commodity researcher always knows as how to offer buyers and how to work with suppliers.

Is difficult? Of course. But as it is interesting! Especially as such knowledge would be useful to each of us in everyday life.

Where to work to the commodity researcher?

Commodity researchers are different, it is possible to choose for every taste. One are engaged only in purchases of goods. Others, inspectors, specialize in its quality. In some large shops and shopping centers there is such position as the commodity researcher on claims activities. These people are engaged in presentation of claims to suppliers. Also commodity researchers on the range meet.

They work both in shops, and in the trading companies, and at warehouses, both wholesale, and retail. Generally, with merchandising knowledge is where to move!

What people are? What personal qualities should be possessed

to cope with such wide range of duties? Of course, it is necessary to have organizing abilities, skill to communicate and a positive spirit. These qualities will help with communication with people without which here in any way not to do. Everywhere to be in time and vigor helps to take care of everything.

One more feature of this profession - responsibility. The commodity researcher is responsible for all goods, its quantity, quality and the accompanying papers, first of all. Plus to everything, it responsible for timely realization and the order of production, its classification and revaluation. One more hard duty is pricing. Therefore all who are engaged in it should be very attentive and responsible.

How to become the commodity researcher?

it is hard for b to Train for

such experts. But very many educational institutions are engaged in it. These are trade universities, institutes and technical schools. What training very interesting and saturated, I can guarantee to you as the student of merchandising faculty. Training takes place in the chemist - physical laboratories and in the audiences hammered with the most different goods which can be touched, studied, checked for taste and durability. Here learn to find colibacillus in water, to define freshness of products, to understand shaped codes, to distinguish the real goods from a fake, without departing from a counter. Tell what consist of and as many things become how to open shop and to pick up for it the range, give the chance to visit exhibitions and the enterprises, to learn secrets of many producers. And it is still not the complete list of everything that waits for those who decided to cast in the lot with merchandizing. So if you suddenly want to become a commodity researcher, safely join our amicable ranks!