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What seven questions to ask the hair stylist?

Before completely trusting in the hairdresser, be convinced that your new image which is thought up by it as much as possible corresponds to result which you wish to receive. To save themselves from too short hairstyles, incredibly shaggy heads of hear and other scissors horrors you will be able, in advance having set the expert several questions which will help it to understand your preferences. So, questions to the master who is not afraid of the business:

1. How this will look on me? Stylists say that celebrities too sometimes bring photos of other celebrities to copy the pleasant hairdress. What is faultless on a cover in life looks differently. At desire of the client to copy someone`s hairdress the good stylist will always suggest to pick up some elements of this hairstyle, to connect them and to simulate a suitable hairdress.

2. What diploma at you? the Corresponding diploma, as a rule, is at all professionals. There can be also other certificates demonstrating that the expert received additional skills during the practice. The best experts always expand knowledge, and certificates confirming additional courses say that the person seriously treats the business. Nevertheless, the most authentic certificate that before you the expert on the business, is always happy clients.

3. And it will be difficult to do a hair? the Difficult hairstyle looks super when it is stacked by the hairdresser. If the hairdress demands two-hour fight against the hair dryer daily, it is possible to consider that money is wasted. It is better to inform the stylist, what is the time you are ready to give to your hair daily. Is more practical to choose a universal hairstyle which will well look even after simple washing by shampoo.

4. How I will model a hairdress independently? Before you leave salon, ask the stylist several councils concerning laying of a new hairdress. Mean texture of the hair. The curly girl, for example, has to be ready to daily use of the iron straightening hair if she wants to make a hairdress which beautifully looks on a straight hair. Ask the master as it should be done not to injure hair.

5. How hair will be shortly cut? Happens that the lady who wanted to cut hair on 1 - 2 cm as a result receives disaster length to a chin. The problem partially is that people differently present these to 1 - 2 cm. It is possible to advise to show the necessary length on a ruler. You will show these rather that seriously you treat to cutting hair more, than it is necessary. Plus, just in case, on yourself point a finger the line to which you want that reached your hair when are dried up (wet curly hair to shoulders can be length to a chin when are dried up). You go to salon with natural hair that the stylist could see their natural wave.

6. It is necessary to buy the offered goods? do not buy any styling sprays which offer you in salon as to receive saloon a look it is possible without the goods offered there.

7. What is included in the price? Having made a hairstyle, the stylist can carelessly ask whether you want to dry up hair the hair dryer, and you, believing that it enters service, agree and at the end find out that for laying a separate payment. Specify everything from the very beginning: whether the hairstyle price includes a payment for consultation, shampoo and/or the conditioner, massage of the head, the express - lessons of modeling of a hairdress, etc.

Do that you want - the phrase which will decide your destiny in salon! It should not proceed at all from your lips when you sit in a chair at the hairdresser. If you allow the stylist to play freely Edward Ruki - Scissors, everything can come to an end in accident! In advance be defined that it is necessary for you, having looked through the relevant magazines. You cannot find the style? - Visiting salon, share with the stylist, tell what hairstyles, you consider, to you to the person what are not present. Specifically explain that it is necessary for you and the desirable result will be always guaranteed to you.