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Than 2007 is significant for the Kazan university?

this year were executed 200 and 120 years since when two young men thanks to whom, with a difference in 140 years, the university twice sharply increased the sizes became students of the Kazan university. Many new buildings with the most modern equipment for those times were built, and at once the number of students much more increased.

Almost all life of the first is connected with university, the second was expelled in four months after receipt. The first construction boom began 180 years ago, the second - 40 years ago. What all round dates this year!

All second half of the last century between buildings of faculties of university there were only two monuments. To these people! They stand and now, but in a new century there were monuments and to others - my contemporaries whom I found. But here the speech about a contribution of those two will go.

The modest bust in a public garden opposite to the left wing of the main building of university which it once reconstructed is established to the first. To the second - a monument in all growth opposite to the central entrance. Too in a public garden which central part, around a monument, is paved and carries the name - a frying pan. Between them - the building of library which bears a name of the first. And the university bears a name of the second. What did they make for university? Let`s begin one after another.

In 1807 Kolya Lobachevsky became the student of the Kazan university. Nikolay Ivanovich Lobachevsky`s works on geometry are world famous. It is known less that in 1827 he became the rector of university and was it within 19 years. During its rektorstvo constructions for astronomical observatory, library, a physical office and chemical laboratories are built, the dissecting room is arranged, clinics are built. Everything was arranged and equipped in a way best for those times. In Lobachevsky`s rektorstvo the Kazan university left such outstanding scientists as Zinin, Butlerov, Kowalewski, Vasilyev.

In 1887 the Kazan university was entered by Volodya Ulyanov. The name of Vladimir Ilyich Lenin is known even more. But than it helped university if studied there only 4 months and any more there never happened? But only the name! You present, to Soviet period, university at which Lenin studied! The university was the only thing from numerous higher education institutions of Kazan relating to the ministry of the Higher education of the USSR. The others treated RSFSR. It was the essential difference. The Kazan university was a face not only Kazan, but also all country.

Since 1967 according to the solution of party and government within preparation for celebration 100 - the anniversaries since the birth of Lenin construction of new high-rise cases of university began. We who arrived that year instead of collective farm were directed to sort the building of the pumper on which place it was built 14 - the floor building of a fizfak. So I stick to great too - 40 years this year. One of new buildings where humanitarian faculties and library are located, is visible 17 behind the back - ti summer Volodya Ulyanov.

I recommend to look on the Internet at the websites about the Kazan university. You will see it updated. In the same place it is possible to find additional information and on his two famous students about whom I told. And 2007 - anniversary for all of us three!