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What prevents us to live?

We live in the uneasy world. It belongs not only to policy, economy, but also to our everyday life. Need to quickly make decisions, the current changes, risks, the small salary and the growing prices introduce confusion. Plus family and personal problems, a lack of time and a heap of affairs by

It no wonder that there are such people and circumstances which make the life of us miserable. It both the all-knowing colleague, and the severe or whimsical chief, the indifferent spouse, bad service and the smashed roads. The reasons and circumstances not to consider. Even if they irritate us not specially, all of us equally are upset, angry and we worry.

But actually not people and circumstances irritate us . Anything similar! Only ourselves unsettle ourselves , accusing ourselves and people around and diligently belittling or exaggerating value of the events.

We irritate ourselves when too we worry that people around will think of us whether they will respect us; when in panic we are afraid of failures or we are afraid to expose ourselves in silly light; when we strongly worry when everything goes not as we want; when treat us unfairly. Even if others try to enrage you, they manage it only with your participation.

Everything that occurs in our life, causes in us certain feelings. There is nothing bad that you sometimes test discontent, anger, fault, grief. The main thing - not to allow the feelings to prevent you to live happily (as far as it is possible) and it is reasonable to arrive. There are no ideal people. But your purpose - self-improvement. In fight against unfairly excessive experiences himself needs to set three tasks:

- not to allow them to seize you it is too frequent;

- to reduce their intensity;

- not to allow them to proceed a long time.

The third task - probably, most important. How often it happened what you quarreled with the one whom you love, and then long pouted, became reserved and, maybe, several days did not even talk? Or went in cycles in some problem and went to a multi-day depression? You cannot even sometimes remember what everything began with, but time is already wasted, the relations and mood are spoiled. To whom is it necessary? To you?

So or who prevents us to live? Ourselves! I understand, everything above-written - still abstract councils, streamline formulations. Perhaps, in other materials I concretize the thoughts and I will write in more detail how to live quietly and as to force not to press other people to you on mentality.

You ask, and I am able to live so? I very much try. My acquaintances and colleagues characterize me as quiet, cheerful person. It does not mean that I full laid-back person just I try to treat life more simply. What and to you I wish!