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And whether it is impossible cheaper or How it is correct to bargain?

Money does not happen much.

Popular wisdom.

On my supervision, many people do not like to bargain. For some reason it seems to them that this action is inherent only in petty, internally defective people. To dispel their doubts, I will provide Donald Trump`s statement (No. 205 in a rating of the richest people of the world) which he stated in the article How to save everyone a penny .

Upon purchase of any goods or service do not hesitate to bargain, trying to obtain for themselves more favorable terms of transaction. I always arrive quite so, at the same time being one of the richest people in the world. I bargain even in the most expensive, prestigious shops. The logic is simple: what more you pay for something in, from the price the seller can give those a big discount.

I hate to pay the price which is specified on the price tag and me always jars on when I observe how others obediently spread the sum requested by the seller. I arrive differently: I enter into expensive shop and I offer 2000 dollars for a thing which costs 10000 dollars. Let others consider that I put myself in an awkward situation (all know that I am Donald Trump and that I am very wealthy).

But you very much would be surprised if you knew what large discounts can be received, having just asked about it. At the same time it is always necessary to be ready to refusal, but after you arrive thus several times, the price will be reduced by all means. And in general I consider pride which prevents to save own money, huge nonsense.

So, and now

of the Rule torgovatelstvo checked by practice, that is on.

1. Take for a habit to bargain everywhere! Not only in the market, but also in shop, and in cool car showroom. Even if you will be made advances in one case from hundred, the economy on large purchase will pay back your energy with interest. Yes, at first it will be difficult. Then it is easier than

2. Try to cause trust in the seller at first. Behave politely. Let know that you consider the seller as the professional. Without this preliminary preparation you will hardly achieve a large discount.

3. In advance prepare for difficult conversation. To receive a considerable discount - a difficult task. Be always ready to refusal.

4. Your chances to receive a discount sharply will increase if you show to the seller that you it is aware market situation. And it is even better to come with fresh a price - sheets of competitor companies or at least downloaded from the Internet. Of course, them it is possible a little bit to correct in the party, necessary for you. But if you bluff, play up to the end.

5. If the seller asks you about your price, safely call the price much less price on the price tag. I, for example, usually call 50%. Of course, the seller will be indignant! So what? Behave surely and freely. You beat out it from balance, so overweight though it is a little, but was displaced in your party.

6. Try to conduct negotiations not with the seller, and to find an opportunity to speak with the owner or the person given appropriate authority.

7. Upon purchase of expensive things try to find small defect and call the most senior chief. Perhaps, to you will throw off insignificant (or considerable) percent from the price which with interest will be enough not only for defect elimination, but also on bread and butter will remain.

8. If you often buy from the same seller, try to render him some service, just like that, free of charge. If you make it, god ordered to ask a small discount to you.

9. The transaction has to be kept confidentially. Excess ears are not necessary here! The goods are only sold at a discount to you, for all others the price is written on the price tag. And that and others will want to buy a podeshevsha and sellers should live too.

10. Be always ready to leave if you do not accept conditions! Even if you know that you will take in the next shop goods for the same price. If to remember you, then next time, perhaps, will meet requirements of you.

So, in one computer firm to me allow a discount, even when I do not ask, " submachine gun;. Just I approach the to the manager also I say that it is necessary to me. I know that the discount will be maximum, but if I know where to buy cheaper, then in plain terms I declare it. I tell firm and the price. I think, me checked many times.

11. Never bargain just like that to stand out. If you are not going to buy, better just to learn the price.

12. Precisely know what goods are necessary to you! If the seller praises highly to you another and you in doubts, come back home, carefully weigh all for and against goods which were offered to you by the seller.

13. Let the seller time think. If he long is silent, so weighs, considers conditions. Seriously considers. Be not nervous. Money is necessary to the dealer more, than to you.

14. Do not relax till the latest moment! Even if the seller agreed to your conditions, within his power to change everything at the latest moment! If terms of transaction sharply change in the worst for you the party, leave!

15. What to do if after long negotiations the seller it is not conducted ? I advise to leave, but slowly, with feeling of disappointment on a face and heavy sighs. But! If the seller calls to you, come back! Perhaps, the seller just checked you on pediculosis as far as you are interested in goods. When he understood that you will leave, he decided. Now you have in hands additional trumps.

16. If the discount is received, once again discuss all details. It is as much as possible details! If you dumped the price, then all service applied in the standard price (for example, delivery, assembly, control if they entered the standard price), has to be kept if it is not stipulated separately.

17. The transaction is complete, the goods are bought. The discount, and considerable, is received. What needs to be done? To leave? No way. The seller is processed, he is yours! Now it is possible to ponaglet a little! Ask the seller, it is how possible to throw off the price of the accompanying goods how many percent there will be a discount if you constantly buy or you will bring friends. For example, buying the computer, agree about discounts for the printer, the scanner etc. at once. Better to confirm all this in writing!

Bargain! Having got this useful habit, you are surprised how many money it is possible to save, having just asked to give a discount personally for you or having just offered the price.

Good luck!