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What do you know about Seraphim of Sarov?

A few years ago my attention was drawn by a small icon. Against the wood the kneeled-down old man was represented on a stone. It became clear that it is Seraphim of Sarov.

History was quickly forgotten until once I appeared with group of pilgrims in Diveevo where there are relics of the Reverend Seraphim of Sarov. From them I learned that on that icon one of feats of the Saint - a stolpnichestvo is shown.

Stones on which there was Seraphim of Sarov, there were two: one in its cell, and another - in more often pine wood. All day long he prayed on a stone in a cell, descending from it for acceptance of food. With a sunset passed to a stone which stood in the wood, and all night long stood with the hands upraised to the sky there. It proceeded 1000 days and 1000 nights.

And how many still feats Seraphim of Sarov made! by

With humility he met three peasants. They demanded money, but money in a cell was not, and peasants cruelly beat the Reverend. But Seraphim of Sarov forgave them, did not tell their names to brotherhood of Sarov Monastery, and warned that he will leave this monastery if to punish those men. But peasants did not manage to leave from God`s court! At them houses burned down. And Seraphim of Sarov assumed a new burden: molchalnichestvo.

It was replaced by solitary life. The aged man in a lock spent about five years, without opening a door of either brotherhood, or high-ranking officials. Does not take place in our modern life day without communication. Many for hours sit on phone. Seraphim of Sarov in a solitary prayer looked for and found the sincere world.

For these feats Seraphim of Sarov received gift of insight and healing from God. People reached to Sarov for council to the aged man. At it they received a spiritual okormleniye and healing. Now people go to Diveevo to Seraphim of Sarov`s source in hope to solve the everyday problems, to receive healing.

Entering in the summer on Serafimo`s earth - the Diveevsky monastery which was created with the assistance of the Saint, you understand what is paradise. Aromas of flowers replace each other during the whole summer. Even in lean year of a branch of apple-trees are covered with fruits and bend down to the earth from their weight. And has to be. Diveevo is the fourth destiny of Blessed Virgin Mary.

Here both Kiev, and Athos... - Seraphim of Sarov spoke. In 2002, on the eve of the Trinity, monks of three terrestrial destinies of Blessed Virgin Mary - Mount Athos, Kiev and Iveriya - visited her fourth destiny, Is sacred - the Trinity - Serafimo - Diveevsky convent. So the next prediction of the aged man came true.

Seraphim of Sarov since the childhood was under the special management and Divine storage of Providence and Blessed Virgin Mary. In 7 years he went to examine a structure of Sergiyevy church which was under construction at the expense of his family with mother. Having lost from a type of mother, he on imprudence fell to the ground from the top of a belltower. The frightened mother saw the son whole and safe.

In three years the boy suddenly got sick. He dreamed about Blessed Virgin Mary who promised it to cure. He told mother`s dream. During one of religious processions on the city, on that street where there lived a boy, bore an icon of the Sign of the Mother of God. Mother took out the sick son to the yard, applied to an icon and brought under an oseneniye. The boy began to recover.

Having become the novice, he got sick again. One and a half years lay, without rising. During this illness to it Blessed Virgin Mary with apostles Pyotr and John the Evangelist was and told, having pointed to the sufferer: This of our sort . It assigned the right hand to the patient`s head. Then in the right side the opening through which the formed liquid flowed out was formed. Soon he recovered.

The past and the present intertwine invisible threads. Once living Seraphim of Sarov said that he will glorify that tsar who will glorify him. In 1903 in Sarov celebrations of glorification of the Reverend Seraphim of Sarov took place. At them there was with a family Nicholas II. Today this tsar is glorified in the Community of Saints of martyrs.

For edification of descendants in Diveevo the stone lies. Of course, not on what the Saint made the feat. But persons interested can try to pray on it You will feel that to the person beyond its powers.

Literature: Life of the Aged man Serafim; Life of the Venerable and Bogonosny father our Serafim, Sarovsky Wonder-worker (originator L. I. Denisov).