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How sapphire is used in magic?

In the ancient time sapphires called the most different blue stones. Today this name is meant as corundum of different color, excepting a red and orange ruby. It is accepted to specify the name of color of sapphire in other cases.

Sometimes names were appropriated to these stones: Saint Eduard`s sapphire, Stewart`s sapphire, Black star of Queensland . According to a legend, Saint Eduard`s sapphire was inserted into Edward the Confessor`s ring which was removed by the prior of Westminster abbey at repeated burial of the English king.

Sapphire was fanned by a mysteriousness aura. On ancient beliefs it was considered as a stone of fidelity, chastity and modesty. It protected from anger and fear, was a symbol of hope and contemplation. It also gave force in fight against all diseases of soul and a body, protected from perfidy.

Blue, pure sapphire helped to concentrate forces and to concentrate on a prayer. Therefore it was called a stone of nuns.

In the ancient time the woman, wishing to kindle desire of the man, lowered sapphire in a glass with wine before giving to darling. Star-shaped sapphire in which the six-pointed star burns possessed the strongest magic action.

Read out from antiquity that it is a stone wise. It strengthened memory, awakened thirst of knowledge, increased prudence and judiciousness. The press of the tsar Solomon was made of sapphire.

Ancient considered that sapphire neutralizes negative influence of Saturn, helping to overcome laziness and a divergence. It helped to restore forces. There was a legend that the one who carries sapphire will never be afraid of nothing. However, if you noticed in a stone of a crack, spots, then it is capable to bring big misfortunes.

It is a stone of teachers who can lead. Sapphire is capable to grant the secret power. While it will not bring to egoists benefit. Lacking initiative and lazy people this stone can deprive of everything.

Sapphire found the application in medicine. It helped to treat sleeplessness, diseases of kidneys, infectious diseases, waist pains, rheumatism. The stone had the calming effect.

Knowing about mystical and medicinal properties of sapphire, it is necessary to be attentive at the choice of a stone. It is the best of all if to present it to you. Someone considers that the corundum which only incidentally got to the person has a great influence on destiny of the person and shows the miracle force.

Someone gives preference to the raw stones, believing that they have bigger force, than raw.

The naturopath James Adamo would recommend carrying blue or green sapphire to people with the II blood type. It will stimulate cerebration and vital processes. And to people with the III blood type will strengthen nervous system.

Sapphire includes forces of planets of Jupiter and Saturn. Therefore astrologers advise to carry sapphire to Sagittariuses, Scales. Cancer can carry it quietly, to Fishes, Lions. As the stone demands high responsibility, Tauruses are indifferent to it. It is contraindicated to goats to carry this corundum. The stone is capable to take away from them what Capricorns have.

Protect the stone, and it will protect you!

Literature: Magic of a stone originator T. P. Gladysheva.