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How Pushkin and where conducts comes to us? The monument to erected

Ya not made by hand,

K to it will not grow a national track

the name of Alexander Sergeyevich Pushkin causes different associations In each person. Storyteller, lyric poet, prose writer In the childhood we with pleasure opened the world of its fairy tales. We felt sorry for the old man at whom the old woman scoffed. We admired the Tsarevna Lebed. Together with a mosquito flew to nice Saltan`s kingdom, and with the king`s son Eliseus his brides moved off in searches. With Pushkin`s fairy tales we absorbed the Russian spirit, began the acquaintance to Russia, its history, customs.

There lived an old man with the old woman

By the most blue sea;

They lived in a shabby dugout

Exactly thirty years and three years.

Later we learned that Alexander Sergeyevich took plots for the fairy tales from the Russian national fairy tales which to it were told by the nurse. Before our eyes there was an image girlfriends of days my severe - Arina Rodionovna`s image. She reminded us the careful grandmother. Arina Rodionovna was near Pushkin and when he grew up. It accompanied the poet in exile, sharing his loneliness in the long winter evenings. And you represent how Arina Rodionovna, sitting at a candle, tells the next fairy tale to Alexander Sergeyevich.

Sing to me the song as the titmouse

lived quietly overseas;

Sing to me the song as the maiden

in the morning followed water.

broadened our horizons With age. We recognized Pushkin on the other hand - the poet, the lyric poet. We wanted to open looks " are closed by luxury; and to rush on fields empty, the woods, recently so dense but it was necessary to sit at a school desk, expecting a call from a lesson. Each poem awakened scale of feelings. We empathized Pushkin who was forced to live in exile, far from friends, in the evenings to listen to storms howl.

Still memories of the first love come to life, it is worth hearing the Pushkin lines " only; I remember a wonderful moment . The lady peasant, Tatyana Larina, Dubrovsky could not but fascinate us. Phrase Be not afraid, Masha, I am Dubrovsky was the cause for a smile.

A.S. Pushkin continued to enter us into history of Russia. At Pugachev`s revolt we looked Grinev`s eyes, and at the Poltava fight - Mazepa`s eyes. Step by step we studied the Homeland and not only according to the textbook of history, but also on A.S. Pushkin`s works. Perhaps, thanks to his creativity Russia mind cannot be understood. It is necessary to be able to feel the Russian spirit. We studied it, studying works of the poet. We address it again and again, admiring beauty of poetry of Alexander Sergeyevich or reading fairy tales to the children.

Recently heroes from Pushkin`s fairy tales were succeeded by new characters. Children together with Harry Potter look for philosophers` stone " fire cup;. They look forward when continuation of history appears, reading adventures Thani Grotter It is a pity that even the people considering themselves cultural sometimes support reduction of the school program due to A.S. Pushkin`s works. It alienates our children from sources of the Russian poetry. The reading circle in many respects defines the future of children. Depends on what is read by our children with what they will grow up: Ivanami, not remembering relationship, or Ivanami - tsarevitches.