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How to distinguish the counterfeit cell phone from the original?

Cell phones entered our life for a long time and became its integral part. A set of firms offer the production to the consumer, and almost each person can choose to himself the cell phone to liking and at the price. Now the set of counterfeit phones is in circulation.

China is the country in which local handymen can forge everything, and these goods in most cases do not differ in special quality. Cell phones from China very cheap and therefore in a pursuit of excess profit retail or wholesale sellers give them for the original and sell them many times more expensively them to initial cost. Now my life is closely connected with this miracle of high technologies, and I learned to distinguish the Chinese fakes from the original.

We will begin with the most popular corporation, of Nokia .

Very first what it is worth paying attention to is a weight of phone. Weigh it in a hand if it seems to you some too easy, then it is, most likely, a fake.

Second. Pay attention to phone case, feel it, rub hands if seems to you that it as though is cut down by the axe and plastic too fragile, then it is a fake.

Third. Press on buttons what you hear? At original phones when pressing buttons a sound more deaf, than on fakes.

We will pass to less eminent brand, of Motorola .

a fake of a model range of this company is In China at very high level. It is very difficult to distinguish some fakes from the original. As a rule, at the Chinese fakes accumulators too counterfeit. And if in the cell phone the counterfeit accumulator, then you can be sure percent on 60 that phone too a fake. To distinguish the original accumulator from counterfeit, it is necessary to light an ultraviolet on a brilliant sticker which is pasted to the accumulator. If on a sticker yellow strips are clearly visible, then it is the original battery from plant of the producer.

Further pay attention to stickers behind the back removable panel. If the sticker low-quality is also similar to a simple photocopy, then it is a fake. Also it is worth paying attention to figures of serial number, a model range L if in serial number after the first letter there are three or more figures - that is a fake, originals after the first letter have only two figures.

Also be not frightened if on original (it can be distinguished from counterfeit at once) to a sticker the inscription Made in China flaunts, the Motorola corporation in China has a plant, as well as at Nokia corporation.

Sony Ericsson - the trademark which did not bad prove in the market of cell phones. But it is worth paying attention to the " series; Z and its folding beds, its scratch when opening has to guard you. Hit of very low-quality Chinese fakes of a model range To K700i is. I faced a huge number of fakes of this model. Remove the back panel - behind the accumulator there is a metal insert, pay attention to its color, at fakes it gives yellowness.

To tell the truth, I did not face fakes of Siemens firm . In my opinion, it is caused by the fact that the model range of this company is not really popular among consumers, but I do not exclude that fakes are.

Unfortunately, by other trademarks I cannot give a practical advice as in the market fakes of a model range of the listed large companies prevail.

Well and, generally, upon purchase of the cell phone pay attention to all nuances, beginning from strange low price, finishing with the Russian insertion with gross spelling errors. Good luck to you!