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How to remain sincere and honest in any situation?

Typical situation. Morning of Monday. The chief out of. Still: for days off the computer failed, the valuable files of the company concerning holding an exhibition in two weeks were gone. Eh, so many efforts were given on creation of these documents! And still guests are expected from - for borders!

You as the responsible person for carrying out action, so many times promised themselves to make copies, on everyone the firefighter! On Friday there was the last chance. But the unexpected phone calls, affairs which arose at the last moment and hasty planning of a trip on the nature with friends beat out all good intentions at all.

Now you look at the face of the boss which flushed with rage, shift from one foot to the other Well what to tell in the justification? Options can be a little.

Sorry, Michal Mikhalych. Our brand new secretary Anna forgot to copy files. At it is in brains of thought of anything, only not about work.

Sorry, Michal Mikhalych. My three times removed grandmother was hospitalized, on the road lowered a wheel there, the car service was far, the mobile phone was discharged Oh, and you have a new suit!

Sorry, Michal Mikhalych. On Friday there were so many unexpected cases. I was absolutely rolled up and forgot.

Interestingly what option you would use? To me to liking the third. As the English proverb, " says; honesty - the best policy . You can object me that honest and sincere people now not in fashion. Besides, they are called quite often odd fellows. And why? The person who is always open to people and is stable in the behavior has to cause admiration and pride in people around.

And whether you what healthy consequences are brought by honesty know? Here some of them:

- exempts you from multiton burden of a stress and alarms;

- preserves your dream at night;

- restores confidence in own forces;

- your sincere health considerably improves;

- people begin to appreciate your opinion more.

To be honest is not always to splash out that at you on mind. Remember that people want to look good in own eyes therefore if you scald them the naked truth, it can generate tension in the friendly relations, and even awaken vindictiveness and animosity.

One perceive frankness more difficult, others - it is easier. It is noticed that the people who are successfully moving ahead on life with all behave differently. Cut with one plain truth in eyes, and approach others with care.

Both simply and not easy to tell the truth always and all. Honesty will demand from you responsibility and courage. Believe me, but it is worth it! How all - to be extremely honest, keeping the friendly relations with people? Allow to offer you some practical hints.

1. you Speak to people from the first person. Honesty is open expression of your thoughts and feelings. In - the first, the offer with I only will approve you as the personality. Expressing personal opinion, you raise the importance in own eyes. In - the second, it will be a signal to other person that you tell from the heart, wishing to resolve quicker and safely a situation. Compare: phrase I am concerned by what you drink will work more effectively and more softly, than You with the alcoholism got me .

2. Begin with small steps, gradually increasing turns. For a start it is possible to hint the colleague that his project does not need to be finished. And in the evening after a dinner to tell the husband that, in your opinion, it is time to send his favourite sweater to pension. Soon it will become easier for you to share with deeper experiences surrounding you with people, without being afraid of their reaction and keeping the sincere and honest relations.

3. For communication with the most sensitive people use such introduction at the beginning of conversation: Your thought seemed to me reasonable or I listened to you, and you, perhaps, are right . It allows you to continue conversation, having as much as possible gained the interlocutor. When you expressed to the person respect and gained his trust, it will be simpler to you to pass to the truthful remark.

4. to you should get rid of last lie as soon as possible. When you admit to other person deeds, begin approximately so: In the past I told you a lie. I very much appreciate our relations and I want to clear up . From the very beginning you soften blow, having reported about the friendship or attachment.

5. do not forget that honesty belongs to the sphere of positive emotions. To be honest is not always to say to people that he in them is not pleasant to you. Tell also sincerely and ingenuously about what in them is pleasant to you: a hairdress, a smile, patience, ability to listen.

6. Also you remember that you - not perfection, but also not the embodiment of any failures. Admit to yourself and others that along with strong qualities also weaknesses are not alien to you. You look at yourself in positive light, and it will become much simpler to you to tell the truth.

Make honesty the support! Make the decision to be sincere and open, without putting off! And let to you people will stretch!