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How to become the beginning writer known?

you consider yourself as the talented writer and want to become such known that publishing houses fought for your not added book and offered you the fabulous fees?

Not everything is so simple also you and know it. To gain popularity, it is not enough abilities, it is necessary to advance the person comprehensively.

Begin with the simplest - write several useful and interesting articles, ring round all local newspapers and offer them cooperation on profitable terms (of course, for publishing house). That is, suggest to publish your materials free of charge. Distribute articles according to various newspapers. Never go in cycles in one newspaper which personally causes sympathy in you, you are going to become a writer, but not just the journalist. Such attack, sooner or later, will meet your expectations.

If you study in higher education institution, surely try the student`s newspaper. Youth - the most rigid critic so the further criticism of editors to you will not be terrible.

Create collections of the articles and distribute them to people. That it did not look too strange, I suggest you to enter public organization. In it there will always be people who will help you, and subjects on which it is necessary to write materials. The majority of such organizations have influence on local newspapers, and sometimes even have own. That is prove from the best party - and you on a horse !

Many beginning journalists and writers cooperate with electronic mass media. It is even better, than usual newspapers of local scale. Than better? That the Internet - piece boundless, and electronic magazines and newspapers are read in various cities of the world. To create independently the website for the calculation on it the works quite difficult from the technical point of view to the person unprepared. I recommend to use for a start the websites of various newspapers and magazines not to spend force for creation and promotion of the resource.

For example, Shkolazhizni. ru - the popular Internet - the magazine on which for acquaintance very famous and influential people quite often run. They can look after for the publishing house of the standing author. Only it between us, in confidence, differently from new authors will not be a release!:-)

Visit various book presentations, holidays organized by mass media. Surely visit various publishing houses, learn as much as possible about them and note for yourself the most acceptable option. Try to bring acquaintances in publishing houses - editors, more skilled authors. They will help council, will send you to the necessary course.

The beginning writer has to know that without social life it is almost impossible to become the famous and readable author. Parties, parties, parties, late arrivals Why to you all this? Do not hurry with conclusions! I do not advise you aimless circulation on clubs, drink of alcoholic drinks and a party till the morning. Just visit those actions which can be useful to you in further work.

It is necessary to attend fashionable parties and the presentations, to flash in various mass media, on daily secular receptions to strike up new, useful acquaintances which will help you to go easily on life, to communicate with the famous people, to be in a tone and not to hand over positions The person working in any branch, who achieved success in the field - has to blow actively the own trumpet, or as now speak, to advertize himself to hold not without effort occupied niche of society . There can always be prompter person who can take your place.

To achieve success in the direction, do not forget about the target audience. Try to observe, whenever possible, what genre lacks the modern reader, than he is interested now. Do not try to invent a bulb, just you bring the highlight in business in which you are engaged.