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What new is in traffic regulations: the digest for the busy motorist.

are known to All that new life needs to be begun since Monday. Better since the first Monday of month. And it is even better - since New year. This time new life since New year there begins the road service. Since January first, 2006 in Russia amendments to Traffic regulations - an inner sanctum for all who though sometimes holds in hand something, similar to a wheel are entered. The main that can significantly correct the budget of GAI officers, and our thoroughly to undermine - nuance with overtaking. Since New year the driver who overtook a slow mover in a sign " area of coverage; Overtaking is forbidden even if it speeds at the pedestrian, will be considered as the violator. It is worth reminding that earlier overtakings of low-speed vehicles in this zone were allowed. And it, as they say in the known advertizing - any more not toys . It is regarded as departure on a strip of oncoming traffic when it is forbidden. Respectively, from 300 to 500, deprivation of the rights " is possible;. To overtake cars with the switched-on flashing indicators and a sound signal, and also the transport accompanied with them is never and in any way impossible.

Besides, new standards of headlights, blinkers and other automobile light devices came into force. So, headlights have to be only white, blinkers - yellow or orange color, fog lights - only white or yellow. All other shining objects by car - only red color. So to fashionable blue sparks the end, seemingly, comes. And if it is serious, then it is a large occasion to reflect to owners of the American cars where red blinkers are put on them to the standard. Penalties for driving with the wrong lighting engineering are not provided yet, but such car will not be able to pass checkup. However, this requirement does not concern those who for 2006 already have a checkup.

New torments were added to parents. From now on all children till 12 years, irrespective of their dimensions, can go in the car only in a special chair of the established sample. It is interesting how to put in children`s a chair the akselerirovanny child of twelve years if it is two heads higher than the parent? All the rest - already trifles. Now it is required to move round the clock on the route out of settlements with the included headlights. And the penalty for non-execution of this point of rules already is, though absolutely insignificant - 50 rubles, for misuse of light devices. Besides, the coupon of checkup needs to be carried always with itself. Also on the Russian roads there will be 24 new road signs and 18 existing will change. For example, the sign " is entered; Jam on which the line of machines is represented. About posts of traffic police will put the sign Control . The new option of the sign designating the beginning or the end of the settlement is approved. The foreigners driving to the country will be met now by the sign informing on the high-speed mode in Russia.

By the way, we will remind that in Russia the resolved maximum - 60 kilometers per hour in the city, no more than 90 in the country and 110 on the highway. A quite good surprise, for example, for Germans at whom restrictions of speed on autobahns are absent.