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How to become by itself?

If you really need the answer, read in the most attentive and conscientious way as though you for the first time read the own name stated below and you had only one attempt that to acquire it...

The first: to renounce itself in others representation.

of Absolutely direct mirrors does not exist. Therefore never you are looked in the face passing by any more not to be disappointed at the sight of the reflection in the bent mirror of the last.

Explanation: Formation of the child as persons is characterized by intensive and chaotic introduction in its mentality of the ideas extorted, chewed and already digested by someone. On the one hand, they arrive from a distant circle - mass media, social institutes, all society in general; with another - from the immediate environment of the child, and if ideas of a distant circle have rather authentic character, then ideas directly close, in turn once being obtained from the relatives and world around, with rare exception represent deformed, but in own way unique, and at times - and adaptive option. If to present our mentality as a human body, then the temperament will be a skeleton, character - muscles, and the personality - actually skin. The person who is not knowing an urgent need of spiritual development or not feeding for it interest in this sense is more similar to the monster Frankenstein: its sociality of ridiculous breed on three quarters consists of pieces of others bodies (in psychology such persons introduced in the course of formation nazvat elements introyektam ) . But you can always sew to yourself a new dress, having got rid of excess introyekt or having changed them. It is possible to make it, having begun to distinguish in your outlook the and others .

is possible, inhuman efforts for this purpose will be required and in the course of such regeneration you will even remain absolutely alone - be not frightened: freedom costs very much.

The second: to become delusion.

at the time of Galilei many even minds, expert in astronomy, believed Earth the center of all Universe. Today the given opinion no more than amusing historic fact, however to you, friends, I suggest to make out attentively it and finally to fall in love with it. Imagine

: you - Earth, all the rest - the Universe. As well as in the wrong theory of the past, today the Universe rotates around Earth. Today, and consequently and always.

Explanation: Joke that I the person who for the first time asked himself the question How to become by itself? has no steady and clear borders: they are even too mobile and from time to time secure absolutely foreign territories. Imagine the state which borders by some fatal accident change, say, each 24 hours. Now it covers the most part of Eurasia; tomorrow - the Far East drops out of it, but Kazakhstan and a piece of Finland enters; and the day after tomorrow - also Baltic joins. From such inconstancy and uncertainty becomes badly. Therefore, developing a precept of the first point, I warn: you should also define with own hand the borders, borders of the I appropriating only things, necessary from your point of view, idea, people, and at least at first - to try not to break them.

The third: personal Orpheus`s death.

you sometime happened in circus? Everyone was there at least once. Clowns, fakirs, lions were forgotten... But you remember the rope-walker to this day to this day at only one mention of the last again are filled with childish admiration and mature envy anyway. He is fearless, direct and great. Balancing under a dome of the Olympus, he is God to whose movements mere mortals give really wonder-working origin.

But even God has no right to renounce with couple of simple rules: NOT to LOOK DOWN, ON the PARTIES and NOT to LOOK BACK.

Follow these rules and you. If you want to leave a rope voluntarily.

Explanation: Just do it.

The fourth and, at last, the most important: forget everything that was read now.

Never ask the question which is brought up by me any more. - kog - yes. Because if you even a vspomnitevsa suitable answers, they will not help you any more.