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How to feel on fishing as if fish in water? A miracle - a float.

When catching on a float rod all tackles, as a rule, are available at the price, always is on sale and do not demand deep knowledge in fishing craft .

Usually for catching from the coast on a float the fishing-rod up to three long - four meters undertakes.

On sale there is a huge range of the most various fishing-rods, telescopic are very popular. The price dispersion can fluctuate from couple of hundreds of rubles and to impressive quotations.

Such rod recently more often with the bezinertsionny coil, usually not really expensive, two hundred - five hundred rubles is equipped. A scaffold, hooks, sinkers and floats are chosen, proceeding from features of a reservoir and its inhabitants for whom hunting is planned.

Near my house there is a pond to which I sometimes get out to have a rest, sit a little ashore. The proximity to the city is a real crash for this small reservoir. Fishers all the person ten - twenty meets there, all know each other if not on names, in a face - precisely. And here who can be met on this pond much, so it teenagers of years from fourteen - fifteen which prefer " there; to have a rest leaving behind mountains of garbage, bags, jars and bottles.

To the city authorities, probably, a lack of time to be engaged such trifle as ecology therefore it is pure only in the downtown. That to suburbs, nobody does not care about them.

Earlier a lot of fish therefore at a catch with a gross weight less than a kilogram - two fishers - fans considered day unsuccessful was found in this pond. Now fishing on this reservoir turned more into rest at water. Nevertheless, I like to go and see off till several hours in relative silence and removal from city noise there.

Rotan was brought in a pond. It was brought relatively recently, years ten only back. This is quite gluttonous, greedy fish. Its feature is what can even be not noticed that fish already on a hook: will pull once, and the float costs as driven. You begin to choose a scaffold from water, and Rotan sits long ago on a hook therefore he very deeply swallowed a bait together with a hook. It is natural that it causes certain inconveniences at removal of production from a hook. It is necessary to use tweezers to get a hook at fish from a mouth.

And so that not to feel such discomfort, I began to apply if it is possible to call so, an advanced float, as shown in drawing. It is made quite simply. For a start we take a usual purchased float. Surely with a thin and long top core which comes to an end with a reinforced head. Its improvement requires a piece of polyfoam or a wine stopper, and also an edge and a drill.

I did a float of a wine stopper. At first from a stopper the circle from five to ten millimeters thick is cut off. Then in the center by means of a drill the opening becomes. The opening has to be such diameter that if to put on this circle a float core, then it has to move freely up - down, and the head on a core has to limit its movement.

After the opening is done, it is necessary to make an edge or a sharp knife a cut from an opening to edge of a circle. It becomes in order that the circle could be put on a float if necessary or to remove it as superfluous. I do not recommend to paint a circle as foreign smells in water can frighten off fish.

It works thus. Some fishes are in the habit to grab very sharply a bait. Both the perch, and Rotan just treat those. At a sharp poklevka the float leaves under water, and the circle is stopped on a water surface by a float head, thereby, making cutting of fish.

At such device of a float the number of production increases even at the inexperienced fisher. Fish is cut for a lip that considerably facilitates as its fate (in respect of causing sufferings, lips at fishes are almost not sensitive to pain), and facilitates removal it from a hook.

Are not lazy, design tackles, a lot of things simply cannot be bought!