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Returnable subsidies for study - the myth or reality?



In the government there are talks also discussions on shortage of medical, pedagogical and agrarian shots in the country.

among other, in interview to the Russian newspaper on August 10, 2005 the head of Federal Agency for Education Grigory Balykhin reported the following:

Unfortunately, there was not prestigious a profession of the teacher. Last year teacher training Universities did not gather additionally about one thousand people on the budgetary places, this year as much. Certainly, nobody is going to close it. On the contrary, we will seek to revive interest in it. The paradox is that we do not have 40 - 50 thousand teachers, and a half of graduates of teacher training Universities does not go to work by profession. Of course, the main reason - in the low social status of the teacher. Now its average salary of 3100 rubles. In some regions do not pay even 25 - a percentage extra charge which nobody cancelled. Just its payment is transferred from federal level to the level of territorial subjects of the Russian Federation, and subjects thus save ...

Further on questions of the Russian newspaper: Whether It is planned to introduce returnable state subsidies for training in higher education institutions? Whether it will be possible to use such subsidy next year? Balykhin answered:

We prepared a package of documents. Their sense in that the student received this subsidy, and upon termination of higher education institution in the direction of the state fulfilled on the profession three - five years. But in a present legal framework it is very difficult to solve a problem of return of these means. Amendments to a number of federal laws - first of all in the Labour code and some other fundamental laws are for this purpose necessary. But there are no two ways about it. I think, introduction of these subsidies in an experimental order is possible in 2006.

I here I decided to arrive on a correspondence department of psychological faculty of Pushkin university. The specialty is considered pedagogical. Training is paid, but I heard about an opportunity to receive a returnable subsidy with the subsequent working off in the specialty within 3 - 5 years. Naturally, wanted to use it, and for this purpose began to plow a RuNet in search of necessary information.

Found a lot of interesting and encouraging:

- it is planned to enter since 2007;

- are given to persons interested to receive pedagogical, medical and/or agrarian specialty as the country most is in great need in such experts;

and is a lot more different in this subject.

Where to follow these subsidies? At university had also never heard of such.

The first that I made, it went there where worked once on the main specialty - the nurse. There treated my question even with some indignation, as if I counted only on money of establishment or even on personal money of interlocutors. Went to other hospital, having resolved to go to work there where I will be given the chance to study and, even very much can be, in six years to work in the same place in other quality. There I was not understood again, and became agitated, being afraid that I want them to use . All right, already without former enthusiasm I went to the third hospital, narcological. The main sister was more quick-witted and even more honest - she approved me in intention to pay for study independently. And business, turns out, that the nurse without category on narcological (!) office receives only 7000 rubles!!! Besides, if the person shows willingness to study, without quitting the job, to it educational holidays are not even paid. When it was cancelled, I lost sight. But these facts struck me up to the soul depth.

And as though for strengthening of impression of campaigns on hospitals, having come back home, came across such material. Several quotes from there with my modest comments.

... it is impossible in modern conditions to be reconciled with practice of training in anywhere at which officially admits that to a half of university graduates on mass and begun superfluous to professions to work in the specialty does not go. (On private separate supervision - it is much bigger.) - Of course! I - one of similar numerous shots. Also I do not test about it droplets of a remorse, and even I thank heaven for the fact that they in due time enclosed in me enough mind to give up work of the nurse, and destiny - for the fact that did not allow to return in one day to it again!

... it is impossible to prepare more free of charge shots of high qualification for the rich western countries. S. Kapitsa counted that only MFTI exported experts for 1,5 billion dollars, from it without having anything. - it is natural! To whom heaven enclosed more mind, than me, goes to work for the West. Yes, certainly, with it it is impossible to be reconciled. But, maybe, there is other exit - to make so that experts did not want to get away from the country that it was more pleasant and more comfortable to remain it in the homeland.

And further:

The Term of return of subsidies can be limited for 10 years - the gloomy picture Is represented: the young man practically dooms himself voluntarily for 10 years conclusions in regional hospital or school. Why conclusion ? Because with those salaries what physicians and teachers receive now , and especially in the village , their work and life ridiculously to call work and life!

But I will return to a subject. I am annoying, it was still interesting to me where and as these subsidies are provided. Well can, these really would arrange many rub - a dash - ten years of working off in the quiet province.

Everything that I managed to find about returnable subsidies on the official site of Committee on Education of the Government of St. Petersburg kobr. spb. ru is only interview, similar brought above.

On the official site of the State Duma of duma. gov. ru - words about returnable subsidies to students.

All this in total suggests to me an idea that no documents in this respect are still accepted, one mere words.

A conclusion arises by itself: how many at us would not speak about to the policy directed to preservation of the human capital , from my position, a position of the entrant - the student, observes the return policy. It is done everything possible that there is as much as possible brains flowed away abroad and as much as possible cheap the slave - forces it was formed in the country.

Where we slide? Who will treat us when we grow old? Who what will teach how much our children and grandsons to?

... If we do not dump from the country.

If I am mistaken in something, stick into me with a pointer, only I will tell thanks.