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How to feel on fishing as if fish in water? About a perch.

the Perch - one of the meeting fishes most most often, are found practically in all fresh-water reservoirs.

Depending on prevalence of ground flowers, a coloring the perch can have the most various. So, in reservoirs with a sandy bottom the perch has a pronounced golden shade, in places with a peat bottom - dark is yellow - a green shade, anyway it is easy to recognize a perch by vertical dark strips on a body.

General information. the Small and average perch prefers to

the reservoir sites which grew with seaweed where it is simpler to it to make an ambush, to merge with a surrounding landscape. At the same time the perch does not love cool water and fast currents. The weight of an adult perch can reach two kilograms, in some reservoirs copies weight to three kilograms meet, but it is very rare. The perch in itself grows slowly, despite good appetite.

To two-year age the perch eats generally plankton, different larvae whom finds at the bottom. The real predator it becomes only on reaching two-year age, then becomes its main food to grind various breeds of fish. Large perches can hunt also the fading crayfish, small frogs, vyyun.

That is simple to find a perch not so - how can seem at first sight. Even despite its general prevalence. The perch - very mobile fish and therefore he constantly moves in a reservoir. Its feature is that it, as a rule treads the underwater footpaths which practically does not leave. Therefore if you manage to find such footpath you will be able to have this day a rich catch and very tasty fish soup for dinner. One of signs of existence of a perch - game of a whitebait, a perch prefers to hunt it. On some reservoirs over such places it is often possible to notice the turned seagulls. In my region did not meet, and here in one of next seagulls - not a rarity.

Spawning of a perch. Spawning at a perch begins

at water temperature from nine to twelve degrees. That with a sufficient accuracy to define the beginning of spawning, it is necessary to watch the surrounding nature - birches begin to blossom at this time. Spawning lasts about forty days, and the duration of spawning is influenced generally by water temperature.

What influences a biting of a perch.

Least of all the biting of a perch is influenced by weather. At the northern direction of wind does not peck the majority of species of fish, but the perch, irrespective of this circumstance, continues to be caught both on a spinner, and on the live bait. As well as other fishes, at a perch have periods Zhora when he bites more actively, than in other time. It is the best of all to catch a perch from June to August.

Than and on what to catch a perch.

Being a predator, even the adult perch does not neglect such baits as a worm, a burdock, a crank, a bloodsucker. For catching of a perch it is possible to carry a spinning with the rotating spinner to the main tackles, a donka, a mormyshka. Not bad takes also at a steep blesneniye. Small okunk are not bad caught on simple baits or the live bait by means of a float rod. The live bait follows nazhivlyat for a back, at the same time a hook it is necessary to pick up it not really deeply around a back finlet.

It is better to apply hooks with a direct bend and long tsevy. It is caused by the fact that the perch deeply swallows a bait, and when using a hook with long tsevy it is easier to remove production from it. It is easier to cut a perch if the live bait nazhivlen for a lip, so it remains live longer.

If a biting bad, then when catching one live bait better to apply not really heavy small weight that the live bait could swim rather freely. The exception is made by cases, a code it is necessary to catch on a whitebait - a verkhovka then the small weight should be applied heavier that the live bait did not emerge on a surface.

When catching on a mormyshka the knowledge of a relief of a bottom in that place where you are going to fish is important. Focus is in what the perch takes usually from half-water. Therefore tackles need to be adjusted so that a mormyshka played approximately in a half a meter from a bottom.

At a perch, by the way, the back fin (thorn) is connected to gland which emits some poison - toxin. The prick is painful, there can even be a tumor. But, by and large, the prick of a thorn is not dangerous. It is desirable to wash out a wound, to try to exhaust poison and to process the place of a prick iodine.

What to prepare from a perch.

the General recipes of fish soup which can be made directly at water.

Aspic from a perch.

From small fish broth with spices prepares. Fish is cleaned more largely, cleaned, cut on pieces which rub with salt and pepper. In pieces it is necessary to put the cut onions. After that the prepared pieces have to lie down half an hour that they could absorb in themselves salt, pepper, onions.

Then all this falls to the boiling broth so that it hardly covered pieces of large fish. It is necessary to cook of twenty minutes before half an hour on slow fire. On readiness pieces of fish give all the best on a dish, are filled in with broth and put to the cool place.

If weather costs warm, then it is expedient to add a little gelatin to broth. In one couple of hours the dish will be ready to the use. It is possible to prepare such dish both in field, and in house conditions.