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How many " universities; it is necessary to pass to become the writer?

on September 11, 1862, 145 years ago, became the first day of life of American William Sidney Porter better known around the world as O. Henry. He was born in the city of Greensboro of the State of North Carolina in a family of the provincial doctor who in search of the better lot wandered from the state to the state. William`s mother absolutely unexpectedly for all died when the boy was only three years old. The father considered that he is guilty of this death, and therefore the rest of life suppressed a conscience voice everything, what burns . Gradually it turned into the zapoyny alcoholic, and the grown-up son did everything possible to pull out the father from this bog, but nothing acceptable from this turned out. In increasing frequency it had to substitute the father in a drugstore

In 15 years had to rise for a counter in a drugstore. Being in a constant environment of various powders, tinctures and mixtures, caring about health of others, Porter - younger affected the health so soon that to it all was necessary to throw and to go to the ranch to Texas. Doctors insisted that it is the only way to win against the approaching consumption. Among the Texas cowboys the modest and slightly stammering young man gained a certain authority. In - the first, it did not transfer alcohol (at least the example of daddy helped with it) to spirit, in - the second, his hands were not playful concerning marriageable local girls, and, at last, in a week it swallowed it is so much books how many the cowboy respecting himself reads for all life

I one more circumstance helped to get respect at local abrupt - working in a tobacco bench, William never gave short weight buyers on gram. Such people then as however, and now, it is easy to find that not so-.

The honest guy was noticed by owners of one of local banks. He was invited to work as the cashier, knowing that no it to itself(himself) will pocket cent.

And further the destiny started turning - began to whirl. Owners of bank accused William of assignment of money. It went to New - the Orleans not to appear on a dock. Then to Honduras where the destiny reduced it with the thorough bandit Al Jennings who saved to future writer life more than once the ability to shoot from a hip without raising the head. what

B only a stir friends did not participate! But the destiny, apparently, stored Porter. But from - for diseases of the wife William was forced to return and all - ended up behind the bars. In prison he wrote the first story, and after an exit from it moved to New - York and offered several stories to the local newspaper World . Editors very much liked both a manner of a statement of the former prisoner, and his language. O. Henry signed with them the contract. Was imputed to write it the short story to each Sunday number. Paid generously - 100 dollars apiece.

The writer with great feeling took up the pen, giving slightly more norm in a year. In 1904 - 66 stories, in the following - 64 were published. Who wrote, that knows: the most important difficulty in this case to find a suitable plot. If it is good, then it is easy to turn it into the small story and even the novel over time.

However, despite all his genius, O. Henry was not able to maintain such speed. Partly from - that settled a stock partly from sharply worsened health. And as it could be strong if in search of a plot, sometimes, the writer closed the house on the lock and within several days loafed across New - to York in search of a plot. It was known by all, with pleasure offering a shelter for the night and modest food. But all the same long such life could not proceed

How many professions the writer tried before becoming that By my modest calculations, several tens. And these skills helped it to hold degree in any narration, it did not need to invent anything, he tested everything on the skin.

The similar destiny was also at the contemporary O. Henry - Jack London. He did not know the father, and mother, having married another, strictly watched that the son, God forbid, somewhere did not spend excess cent. And it is even more: when he washed in the mornings, mother watched that it did not show off soaping more soapsuds on a palm. This remnant of a cake of soap it washed then the dishes. And though 13 - summer Jack got a job on cannery and earned on 1 dollar a day in 10 hours of back-breaking toil, he accurately kept record to all the expenditure: 5 cents are spent for lemons, 6 - for milk, 4 - for bread. It - in a week. On reading books fell intermittently less than nothing, the benefit the librarian kind Mrs. Ayna Kulbrit laid up for it books about unknown lands and the brave, through salted seamen and the sails trembling waiting for wind...

- I will be a writer, - Jack told the friend in the childhood.

I it became it to

But how many it had to pass roads! In 14 with tail Jack went to the sea on the small boat which is with own hand bought on money of the wet nurse. He dreamed to become a pirate, and it at it turned out. To majority. Also God how many times Jack`s life in cruel fights where sometimes everything was solved by a reaction molniyenosnost could break sees.

And then Jack became knight Dorogi. He drove about over the country on a roof of the car, under it, having seized tightly iron ledges; dying of cold and choking with a heat; eating occasionally. Once he was lucky: he told the whole evening baizes to some wealthy old lady, and she for it fed him with the real meat pies...

The destiny brought it to Alaska where he looked for gold. He happened to work also with the mail carrier. And once, when it turned home, mother showed it the announcement in the newspaper where offered a competition on the best story. And he won!

And, at last, the third destiny about which it would be desirable to tell. This is Vladimir Gilyarovsky - the famous uncle Gilyay, perhaps, the best for all history of Moscow bytopisets. Too, by the way, the contemporary O. Henry and Jack London He was born on November 26, 1853 in a family of the assistant to the managing director of a forest manor in Vologda lips. In 1860 ran over Gilyarovskiye to the provincial city of Vologda where Vladimir came to a gymnasium.

Mother died when Gilyarovsky was 8 years old, and it defined his independence and a habit to work. The father was amicable with exiled revolutionaries - populists. Without having ended a gymnasium, Gilyarovsky for 10 years went to the people . He was a barge hauler on Volga, a kryuchnik, the firefighter, the worker at plant, the horse trainer of wild horses, the circus actor, the actor. When began russko - the Turkish war of 1877 - 1878, Gilyarovsky voluntarily became a soldier.

He lodged in Moscow in 1881. Also studied future capital completely: the writer brilliantly knew history of the city and its present, architecture and geography, the high society and Moscow bottom - To Hitrovk, shelter of beggars, tramps and turncoats. Legends and of physical force " went; uncles Gilyaya : it could bend fingers a copper five-copeck coin, tie in knot a poker. Contemporaries, noting versatile talents of Gilyarovsky, as one of his most noticeable talents considered talent of communication. Many famous contemporaries were his friends: Chekhov, Bunin, Kuprin, Shalyapin and many other writers, artists, actors.

In life of each of us there come the moments when the destiny changes the beaten path, for example, there is a need to change a job, and even a profession. Be not afraid of it. Yes, it is necessary difficult at the beginning, but it is better to thank the lucky stars, but not to curse. In life there is never nothing casual. Your new ability by all means will sometime fit