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What the grasshopper told about or For what animals make sounds?

of the Person on the earth surround thousands of voices. He hears one and understands, others are inaccessible to his hearing. Centuries estimate studying history language of animals . In far - predaleky times people noticed that animals make sounds not just like that. However there passed the millennia before it became clear that brothers our smaller are able to speak. Their words are sound signals in which the most various information is coded. By means of sound signals forest inhabitants tell about themselves: to what look and a floor they belong what at present intentions at them - whether they are going to protect bravely the territory or to call for lunch of tribespeople.

It seems to the uninitiated person that the bee buzzes all the time equally, however, recently scientists established that these insects, as well as at many others, have the most different sound signals. Publishing one of them, a bee speaks what it found sterns and how many meters to it to fly. Mosquitoes too all peep differently. And never results from undesirable acquaintances: the mosquito of one look comes into contact only with the relative.

As grasshoppers and crickets chirr, of course, heard everyone. Their songs arise or when they move a leg on a wing which edge has cloves or when one wing rubs about another. Musical instruments at them are supplied with the resounding film therefore so from far away it is possible to hear their singing. Scientists are engaged not one year in studying of the sounds made by insects. Now it is counted - about 10 thousand their types are able to sing. Songs these various, and are necessary they to them that it was possible to share with each other necessary data. As amphibians croak, know, are understood, all. In language of our ordinary pond frogs distinguish six words - shouts.

As for mammals, some differ in special garrulity. In the dictionary of a pig of 23 sound signals, and at their fox even 36. Among animals there are also a lot of singers. Nightingales by right are considered as the best vocalists. Though, both the graceful song of a thrush and the sounds of a forest flute made by an oriole and fervent motive of the chaffinch with stroke on the end, and simple chirping of a sparrow, do not leave us indifferent. Among shaggy and four-footed inhabitants there are lands many other fans of singing. For example, any wolf will not refuse to poimprovizirovat in a circle of native pack. The Swedish scientist Eric Tsimen for several years studying life of wolves considers that choral singing at them serves not only a means of communication with other packs and the beaten-off relatives, but has also purely emotional basis, aggravating at them feeling of a community, belonging to pack.

Cubs of animals just were born, but the majority councils parents already give to the offsprings, talking to them. So-called songs - appeals are especially gentle: when vyvodkovy birds call up to themselves the baby birds who moved away from them. Special words are said also for convocation of offsprings by a lunch. Having heard rhythmical growls, bear cubs and young foxes run at full speed, is clear to them that now there will be a delicacy. Many sound signals are published also by cubs. Shout left an ezhonka reminds a weak twitter. Baby squirrels quietly whistle, and the shrew and a sandwort peep.

It would seem, the most silent being - a bat, she silently plans in the dark sky, never touching surrounding objects. But the ultrasonic signals sent when flying which help it to be guided freely in space reach, sometimes, 145 decibels. Such noise, but in the range heard for the person, makes the jet plane at take-off.

In my opinion, animals set a good example to people. They as if remind that communication in the language, is great gift. It it is necessary to protect and value it. The poet Eduard Asadov has lines loved by me:

And we with you, just imagine,

the Stock in thousands of words possess, But often each other even on a shred

we do not understand

, we do not understand!

Let`s learn to understand each other at animals.