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How the dog says goodbye? Many of us observed

how the dog rejoices. At it play eyes, she wags a tail, jumps up, tries to lick, both it is a lot more and many various movements demonstrating expression of the feelings. (I want to warn: do not confuse a dog to a wolf who has a wagging - the most advanced stage of excitement, discontent.)

When you leave, the loyal friend sees off you and longs. Confirm his grief: a sad look, the lowered tail, slackness of movements, and, as the most advanced stage, refusal of food. The last is very hazardous to health, first of all of a dog, then us. It is peculiar to parting for a while.

The dog is capable to feel approach of the darling for kilometers. More than once it was convinced of it. She, some to one to her the known feeling, is capable to look a little forward, warning the darling against surprises which can do harm.

How the dog says goodbye? Probably, as well as person, differently. I will tell about one case of farewell on the example of the first dear friend by nickname True. The fact that the nickname completely reflected character of my canine friend was proved by our joint course of life of sixteen years. For a dog it is very respectable age.

So, by nickname True we got acquainted with the friend when I was eight years old. The father brought a little puppy, opened to it a mouth and showed his deep and dark sky. Then stated evil character of a dog. And the next years of life and service of a dog added it with the characteristic of devoted.

Our life passed on the farm surrounded with the wood. The dog was leashed. As a shelter for it served the big box built by the father and a shed in the doorway of which the special manhole was done. Through it the dog could get inside.

In winter cold nights the dog was unleashed. True with pleasure ran on snow, sometimes somersaulted, showing the pleasure. But never ran in the house and did not even ask. Its world was around the house. Entered fight against the wild beasts seeking to make the way to hens. From such duels came out the winner though there were cases of severe wounds. From kindness it was possible to note that he allowed to get to himself into the box to chicken or a domestic cat and to eat from his cup.

Having seen off me on service to the far city of Sverdlovsk, nowadays Yekaterinburg, faithfully waited for long two years.

Met and recognized by a smell. By then his sight considerably worsened. True there was the sixteenth year.

The January winter of 1978 in Baltic was not especially cold. However, by convention, in winter nights the dog was released in the evening from a leash that True could run about or get into a shed where is much warmer.

There was an evening, on the street is dark. In the house on a table the oil lamp burned. Doors are already locked on a hook, and mothers who are in the house, the younger brother and I conducted usual family conversation. Suddenly in this winter silence knock at an external door is distributed. I looked out in a window, but saw nothing. Went to look: Who it could be? What our surprise was that at a door stood our True and asked to let in it the house. Mother told

: Let in it, let will enter the room - and right there was surprised: interestingly, he never asked for the house! What happened to it?

I closed doors, returned to the house and sat down on a chair. Meanwhile, True having passed to the room, approached me. It was stuck with a muzzle into legs. Not in knees, namely in legs, then approached the younger brother and repeated the bow then approached mother and also it was stuck with a muzzle into her legs. Having bypassed a circle, approached a threshold, laid down on a floor and fell asleep an eternal rest. Life True ended adequately and quietly.

Soon understood that he came to say goodbye. Time went, we cried and could not believe that True fell asleep forever.

Here so my dog said goodbye.