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Why the lieutenant Vladimir Arsenyev became a geographer?

on September 10, 1872, 135 years ago in St. Petersburg in a family of the railway employee Claudius Arsenyev the son who was given a proud name Vladimir was born. Arsenyev lived is rather poor, but with each monetary receipt postponed a certain shred of money for future study of the son. And when came it is time to decide on educational institution, they on a family council decided that they can quite pay study in one of prestigious institutions of the capital. For example, in infantry yunkersky school. It is a prototype of present Suvorov Military Schools so many know about life and life of similar educational institutions, thanks to sensational series Kadetstvo .

At first very much it was pleasant to Vladimir in school. Both new disciplines, and excellent from civil more severe way of life. But the more passed time, the inquisitive Arsenyev both soldier`s mushtry, and strict need to subordinate the interests to orders of commanders was weighed more. And though he studied still well, but in eyes there was no former gloss any more, at many lessons he frankly missed. And only the famous traveler on Central Asia Mikhail Efimovich Grum - Grzhimaylo who gave lectures on geography did it with such hobby that managed to awaken genuine interest in the stories. And Arsenyev was one of the most attentive listeners.

Mikhail Efimovich the first paid Vladimir`s attention that one of the most interesting places in Russia is the Far East, with its beautiful nature, an impassable taiga, beautiful hills. Stories about the most east region aroused that spark, from which the flame will flare up later,

But destiny sent the subensign of Arsenyev to Vladimir`s soul in other party - to the Polish city of Lomzha where there was resolutely nothing to investigate. And Vladimir involuntarily started missing. That is why on the first holiday it gave vent to feelings, having outright been fond 18 - summer Anna with whom it was the sign hundred years . Young people in few days made the decision to get married, and in the infantry regiment billeted in Lomzhe, Arsenyev arrived already with the young wife.

But also the marriage did not etch from soul hunting to change of places. Vladimir raved the Far East, and on May 1, 1900 his dream came true - it was directed for further service in 1 - y the Vladivostok serf infantry regiment. Hunters to serve exactly there was a little - in China revolts continually broke out and other east neighbor - Japan - never hid the militaristic appetites. In a word, it was restless.

The lieutenant Arsenyev was convinced of it, without having reached to Vladivostok when near Blagoveshchensk got into scrape. He even happened to take part in military operations against Chinese.

The mood and a meeting in Vladivostok did not add. It was placed on a billeting in such district of the city which in plain terms called the Rotten corner, for the fact that here fogs were frequent, and dampness was such that it was not possible to dry up the washed linen practically. And again, as well as a few years ago, it very quickly bothered Vladimir, but the way out was only one - to find to itself work to liking that days did not seem such viscous. However, the lieutenant was lucky - he was appointed the chief of serf hunting team that gave the chance to make walks on vicinities, combining business with pleasure.

And after a while one of colleagues of Arsenyev lieutenant Kirillov brought the brother-soldier in the society of studying of the Amur region. Vladimir with enthusiasm attended meetings, participated in hunting expeditions. And even the young officer spent the holidays in a taiga (what hardly pleased the young spouse), and visited such corners where the leg of the person

it practically did not go At this time and meets the aboriginal of an Ussuriysk taiga Nanai Dersu Uzala who, speaking to Vladimir Klavdiyevich`s words, all the life lived in a taiga. At it was never at home, he lived under the open sky forever and only arranged himself a temporary yurta from a korye or " birch bark in the winter;. This meeting also became the main reason that Arsenyev seriously ached with a taiga . He understood that the person and the nature can exist, without breaking laws of each other

Collected information was so interesting that the priamursky general - the governor Grodekov issued the order: to consider the holidays of the officer spent behind researches, official journey. By the way, the border station in Primorsky Krai is called by the name of Grodekov. In this small settlement Boundary I for the first time met tourists - Chinese from Celestial Empire in the middle of 80 - x years of last century.

Especially appreciated Arsenyev as researcher, Nikolay Aleksandrovich Palchevsky, former vice-the chairman of Society, the person with a wealth of experience. It imparted all the knowledge to the young friend, paying Vladimir`s attention to what it is easy to pass by without having noticed

After the termination russko - the Japanese war which left in soul at many the real bitterness, the Priamursky department of the Russian Geographical society charges to Arsenyev the organization of a scientific expedition for research of Sikhote-Alin, a shore from Olga`s gulf, upper courses of the Ussuri and Bolshaya Ussurka Rivers. That who was not in these parts, similar names hardly that will be told. But I dare to assure you, as now, a century later, in these parts there is a lot of backwoods which are known only by local enthusiasts.

After this expedition Vladimir Klavdiyevich moves to Khabarovsk where he invites to live halfblind Dersu. But the old man did not take out life within four walls, he went back, in a taiga where he was found dead

A Arsenyev continues the forwarding activity. He studies the territory of the deafest and almost absolutely unexplored northern part of Sikhote-Alin, then searches for the evidence of existence of the most ancient east civilization chzhurdzheny. And Kamchatka, the Commander Islands and basin of the average Amur Current, travel along a route of Sovgavan - Khabarovsk were farther. Expedition became the last.

Summer of 1930 Vladimir Klavdiyevich left in the lower reach of Amur to reconnoiter conditions for construction of the railroad. But during spending the night in a taiga expedition got under a heavy rain. Younger colleagues of Arsenyev felt an easy indisposition, and here 57 - the summer head of expedition got sick with bilateral pneumonia. It comes back to Vladivostok which became to the family, but doctors were powerless. Vladimir Klavdiyevich did not live up to the 58 - go birthday only 6 days

In 2001 the monument on its grave on the Sea cemetery of Vladivostok was robbed by vandals: metalworkers the best friends of inspectors of scrap metal. The monument was restored, but already without metal elements