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Why to children cubes?

in departments of children`s toys of an eye run up Today from the offered range. But on shelves it is not always possible to find well familiar to all of us since the childhood cubes which can give to your kid a lot of things.

Acquaintance to this entertainment should be begun long before the baby it is capable to construct the first in the life pyramid or a turret. Already from six-month-old age the kid is given small cubes, it promotes development of small motility of hands. To hold it in the handle, harmonious work practically of all small muscles of a hand is necessary.

By a year children are able to put one cube on another or to spread along one line. So the child learns to select objects of one sign, to choose an element necessary to it among the others, to connect parts in whole. At the same time the logical thinking, coordination of movements and any attention are improved.

By 1,5 - 2 the peanut with pride builds turrets of the different sizes and flowers, learns letters on the cubes which are laid out in a row. On one cube can go in the whole six flowers, so, the kid faces that he needs to choose from them only one, suitable for a turret of yellow or red color.

Cubes with pictures are actual for kids of 2,5 years to the school. It can be animals, birdies, florets or heroes of favourite fairy tales. They develop thinking, attention and memory of kids. On cubes with fairy tale characters the baby can tell fairy tales already familiar to it and even to think out own.

If your child is already ready to perception of initial geometrical concepts, try to explain to him that the cube consists of 6 identical small squares which are called its sides, the understanding cubes - transformers visually will help to show it.

Over time the kid himself will learn to sort and collect such cube, and this ability not just will be improvement of small motility, but also will give to the child the first understanding of tridimentionality of space.

You can compete with the baby with each other at whom higher or more exactly the turret or who collects a cube quicker turns out.

With plastic cubes it is possible to go safely even to a bathroom. There your mischievous person can learn much too. For example, learns that the cube does not sink, and floats on a surface that, the more the cube size, the is more difficult to lower it on a bottom of the filled bathtub, water will stubborn resist it.

At the rich imagination of options of occupations with cubes an infinite set! The main thing that also to your kid, and you it was interesting and cheerful, then both of you by all means take great pleasure from this, at first sight simple, toys.