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How the old mobile phone to adapt for work on the Internet?

the Internet seem many something far and inaccessible, even in the presence of the computer. It frightens by improbable complexity of connection, and first of all - a certain utter high cost...

All this at all not so because there are always several available ways of an exit in a world network: any inhabitant of the planet can be connected to the Internet today. It is enough to have the computer (the minimum requirements: Pentium - 1, is desirable for Pentium - 3 or above, Windows 98 OS or above) and the ordinary mobile phone with support of GPRS (the majority of the models produced since 2002 GPRS have, at all abrupt expensive tube for this purpose is not necessary).

How to connect pipe to the computer? If you have no cable of connection of the mobile phone with your computer (or there is no infrared port or connection through BlueTooth), then it is easy to get it in shop of accessories for mobile phones (estimated price for Siemens, for example - 300 - 500 rubles) at the same time very much we recommend to buy a new cable with the software and drivers on CD. If you use a cable, then the USB port (a small rectangular entrance) has to be used. Usually on attached to a cable a compact - a disk of the driver not only to concrete model, and to several or even to the majority of models of this firm. It is remarkable if you are going to get other model of phone of this firm: you should not look for drivers again.

We will return to mobile phones of Siemens firm.

Getting a compact - a disk of drivers to the concrete Siemens model you as it was already told, you receive ON and for other models. Having bought CD to old Siemens C55, I received drivers to 62 models. Certainly, on a compact there is always a rich service for mobile phones - pictures, animation, games, music in different formats (manufacturers should fill with something 700 MB!) .

Each mobile operator has the settings of connection (login, the password), but for the operators Beeline and MTS data on the disk Siemens are already available, it is necessary to choose only them in settings. Having installed the driver of the necessary model, you have two options of connection: via the GPRS modem Assistant panel, or (previously having come into Assistant, and then having left) directly through the Windows connection (in XP it Connection about the Internet in the control panel, in Windows 98 it Remote access to the " network;) .

Sometimes it is necessary to activate GPRS on phone (for Beeline it is Beeinfo -> BeeOffice -> the GPRS settings). On indicators of Siemens mobile phones the system of designations which is perfectly allowing to watch a condition of connection is accepted. So, the inscription GPRS means that GPRS is activated, two vertical lines at the left - to the right of this inscription mean readiness to be connected to the Internet, and appeared treugolnichek to the right of GPRS is the already established connection: work!

communication quality Number, as well as at conversation by the mobile phone, speaks about a communication quality, and in case of the inscription Search of the " network; downloading from the Internet, certainly, will stop. But even if you have 2 - 3 segments of a communication quality, it at all it does not matter for the Internet (unless time of swing will a little increase).

If you just installed drivers for phone, be convinced that the computer and a mobile phone hear each other (for example, in the Siemens Data Suite panel through " settings; the computer has to distinguish phone, and be highlighted from above the name of model).

So - hurrah!, you united to the Internet: if it is made via the Assistant panel, then on the right panels of tasks the blue ball, in case of connection through Windows - images of two screens will appear (removed - the). Attention: surely control a stream of proceeding - the entering information (having clicked on such badge on the panel of tasks)! If you loaded nothing yet, and at you already something shakes, the computer fixes 200 - 500 kb, and and it is terrible to speak about 1 MB, - you have that something not so: or some bad program tries to update at your expense base, or the virus, or the espionage program sits, in this case it is necessary to break link at once and to take seat to look for the reason of a strange traffic. Happens also that nonprofessionally created websites demand too much traffic, in this case just click the " button; Stop in your browser. (Quantity of entering-) it is important to the proceeding information to observe a traffic regularly that it did not turn out so that the Internet will quickly remove all money from your SIM - the account.

Usual speed of the Internet at GPRS it is formal 57. 600 kbps (that is almost 8th kilobyte per second), at such speed it is possible to download approximately in 5 - 10 min. composition mp3 or all books of Stephen King. And all - you pay for a traffic therefore we recommend to be guided by the following councils:

- In the viewing browser the Internet - pages is by default better to turn off loading of graphics; if you need to look - it can always be made, having right-clicked on a picture frame -> to show drawing. Also turn off animation and sounds.

- In an e-mail client establish function of preview of correspondence not to allow downloading of some unknown big files (in the client of The Bat! such function is)

- better not to walk on the websites where each " page; weighs to 100 kb and more: expensive this pleasure to get acquainted with nonprofessionalism of our designers!

Now - about options of failures at connection.

- If everything says that you in a world network, and at you open only some websites (www. yandex. ru, www. mail. ru), also does not open the vast majority of resources (for example, www.), it is necessary to nullify values of access of DNS (My computer -> Remote access to the " network; -> the right button of a mouse from Siemens GPRS -> Properties -> the " tab; " server Type; -> TCP/IP control). Instead of figures opposite Access of DNS try to deliver zero (not empty values!) then repeat connection and try to open the necessary portal.

- If at connection the mistake is caused (for example, 630), it is possible that there is no real connection through USB. Try to disconnect - to turn on the USB socket or to reboot.

- If connection is not established and there are no hyphens about GPRS on the mobile phone indicator, so the operator does not give access to GPRS and it is necessary to wait or again to choose the GPRS settings on the mobile phone (for check of availability of GPRS the easiest way - to come to the website of Siemens directly from the mobile phone). Access can be absent some time, for example after long minus on your balance.