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As prepare coffee from a cat ?

Ya always carried itself to voluntary coffee-achievers. My grocery regiments seemed to me sad and empty if there were no three at choice at least - four grades of coffee.

There was time. I learned to distinguish shades of the Colombian and Arab coffee, experienced that any substitute dust of the " type; Brazilian Planteyshn - this mockery both at producers, and at consumers

As well as all coffee-achievers, I approached that line when without reflecting began to give quite big money for good coffee. Without regrets and a remorse. Because knew - I can refuse with ease meat, fruit, proteins, fats and carbohydrates of all combined, but to present morning without cup of coffee to me rather terribly.

Everything became complicated with the advent of a family. It was necessary to reckon not only with itself, but also with members of household. Therefore I decided to go by contradiction. That is to learn, how much is the most expensive - pridorogy coffee, to try on it to the budget and to estimate that from this will leave. Especially as my spouse christened what I drink in the mornings, gudronovy whim I took offense, but reflected

The fact that I learned about the most expensive coffee, threw me in silent shock.

Imagine the picture: in far Indonesia there lives a wood animal - a civet, the small mammal close to a sort marten and a little similar to a cat. The animal as an animal, catches any birdies, mice. She was famous in due time that for the sake of muskusky glands under a tail it was grown up in bondage. Then began to use artificial substitutes, and civets left alone.

Another thing is that the civet very much loves ripe coffee berries. Also eats them directly from trees, choosing the best. Small so soils to the Indonesian kofevoda. And those, in turn, noticed one feature. The civet, whether from greedy eyes, whether from nonsense - eats berries much more, than can digest. And the coffee grains which got to it into a stomach come out almost whole.

Locals diligently collect the final product of tsivettiny gastronomic addictions, pick out from it grains, and the most very expensive coffee in the world - " as a result turns out; Kopi Luwak . As a result distillations through zheludochno - an intestinal path of a civet from coffee grains some proteins are washed away, coffee tastes bitter less, and after frying possesses simply - the aroma which is forcing down from legs. Natives assure that coffee meets all requirements of coffee-achievers (its most part goes for some reason to Japan) and smells of chocolate.

Costs Kopi Luwak - about $400 for four hundred grams. In general, in a year in the country make no more than 500 kilograms of this product. (By the way, speaking about producers, directly also I do not know whom it is more correct to mention - gluttonous civets, or skurpulezny Indonesians.)

That the most sad in they are scientists so far make a helpless gesture concerning production of similar coffee artificially. So far it is improbable Having estimated

that dollar for coffee gram - it even for my coffee soul is expensive, I decided to wait patiently. Years through five technologies will cavort forward, Kopi Luwak will become just a trademark, and to taste coffee from products of a metabolism of a civet, you look, and it is not necessary...