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The inventor of network marketing ate rusty nails?

Well if it is honest, then not absolutely nails, and rusty shaving alternately with poor prison food. So it filled shortage of iron in an organism. And still persuaded security guards to bring it plants which grew in enough behind prison walls: bamboo, ginseng and other Chinese flora. Security guards laughed, but did not refuse a request. Than also helped to survive in due time to Karl Renborgu , to the surprising chemist - the businessman, and also that prisoners who risked to be influenced by strange diets of the neighbor in a chamber.

There were described events in 20 - e years of the last century in China. American Karl Renborg, as well as many of representatives imperialistic West got to prison, having left which and having returned to the USA 40 - the summer man, he knew already well that he makes business of his life. In youth he was interested in questions of healthy food, and time spent in prison only promoted strengthening of this interest.

In the homeland Karl appeared in poverty. Business in which it was engaged in China, being the representative of Colgate Products Company, it was too undermined, but Renborg did not despond. Living on pennies on a leased attic several years, it as the medieval alchemist, looked for Looked for Also found! No, not the philosophers` stone, but the plant containing almost all minerals and vitamins and is a lot more components, useful to organism. The lucerne was this plant. This opening took place in 1931, and in two years Karl suggests the friends to try the food additive developed by it on the basis of a lucerne. Friends do not hurry to follow advice of the somewhat eccentric chemist. And to Renborgu comes ingenious (and simple!) thought: the additive should be NOT GIVEN, and PRODAVAT, free " cheese; it is appreciated by nobody.

And from this point history of network marketing begins. Though Renborg called it differently - marketing according to the recommendation . The essence of such sales by much of us is well familiar today. The distributor (sales representative) gives information on a product to the acquaintances, involves them in sales and receives commission charges for those goods which sold itself, and for that which was sold by the new people attracted with it in structure. Such network can expand indefinitely. His friends became the first distributors of Renborga just also.

But it is necessary to tell that as the scheme would be good, it would not earn if production was not worth it. The additives developed by Karl it is valid worked wonders considerably improving a state of health of the people accepting them. Besides, their reasonable price attracted. In 1934 Karl creates the California Vitamins Inc company., which will be called later of Nutrilite Products .

Still later, in 1959, there will be an Amway company which gemmated from a child of Renborga. Her creators (Rich De Vos and Jay Van Endel ) will decide to sell not only food additives, but the goods necessary in economy. And over time Amway will become the world leader in the sphere of network marketing.

As for Karl Renborga, he lived to 87 - mi years, without having problems with health, characteristic of such age. Still! It and is not surprising for such supporter of healthy nutrition and a way of life. But, as they say, not bread uniform the person " is full;. And the company created by Karl brought in the sufficient income in order that he at last could devote himself to the hobby - astronomy. And, needless to say that, possessing a solid state, he visited a half world, and among his friends there were many influential people of that time, for example, Jawaharlal Nehru and Winston Churchill.

Today words network marketing it is often possible to hear in a negative context, in any case, on open spaces of the former USSR. It also is clear. Reputation of this phenomenon was hurt by all swindlers creating financial pyramids and robbing thousands of people. Stories with Herbalife also played not the last role in formation at our people of resistant hostility to to network sales . But, having rejected stereotypes concerning MLM, just let`s appreciate genius and beauty of the idea which came in due time to Karl Renborga`s mind.

I wish also to you light ideas! And still Let they will be monetary!