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How to find money in own pocket? From the very beginning it would be desirable to remind

to both himself, and you that all of us are the integral functional units of economy and, anyway, we get under influence of its laws.

Especially it would be desirable to pay your attention to three major laws which total influence just and defines an our financial position.

The first among them - the law of the increasing requirements. He says to us that continuous growth, and faster in comparison with growth of our income is peculiar to our requirements.

The second law is the law of decrease of extreme usefulness according to which the same goods inevitably lose over time the value and ability to satisfy our requirements.

The last, the third is the law of inflation - property of money, extremely negative for us, to lose the purchased ability, that is to depreciate. Considering

this and other factors in the same spirit, let`s bring which - what amendments in our financial policy.

For a start we will define our economic income. We do not mean the income in a type of a salary or the income from business. Under the concept economic income we mean the rest of money after payment of all consumer loans, coverings of all necessary costs of food, housing, communication, transport etc., etc. It is accepted to call this rest in economy the economic income. So what your economic income?

On own example allow to illustrate: a few years ago my net economic income was, as a rule, equal to zero! Moreover, sometimes it even reached negative values! Why so it turns out? The answer is unambiguous - I, figuratively speaking did not love myself. I paid at first service providers, sellers, all - everything, and as a result kept or nothing, or are long... It was the unacceptable mistake, and understanding gave it the chance to change a situation to the best.

Council No. 1. Gaining or distributing any income, PAY FIRST OF ALL YOURSELF!

A how many it is necessary to pay? - begin our personal council with small. 5 - 10% of your cumulative income - quite acceptable indicator for the first step to financial protection. Do not go too far! Do not try to keep from the very beginning all 100% of your income, develop a habit to pay themselves to the first, since the small sums which will not have significant effect on quality of your life.

Having begun to work according to such scheme, I learned by own experience that it is really viable, and the money saved thanks to it served as the proof of it.

And now let`s return to the first above-mentioned law and we will ask ourselves whether it is obligatory for us to get under its action? The correct answer - yes . All of us, of course, want to increase the level of our life, and therefore with growth of our income we always raise our expenses. But why don`t we hold a distance? Means why not to observe a 50% difference between increase of our expenses and the income?

Council No. 2. Always keep 50% of the sum of money of increase of your earnings.

In other words if you earned this month 80 dollars bigger, than in previous, let your expenses will raise only for 40 dollars, but not on everything 80 as happens usually. Keep the remained 40 dollars in the pocket, and we will show in the following article to you as you can effectively increase them.

We will pass to the second law. Having paid to it attention once, I decided to carry out the analysis of my expenses. To a descent, of course, it did not turn out - all points of my expenses last month did not manage to be remembered. Then I solved (as to you I strongly recommend) to carry out so-called month of control . I began to write down carefully my expenses for all day before withdrawal to a dream. On the expiration of month, I attentively analysed how many and where departured from my pocket. How many it is justified how many it is unexpected how many also the main thing - how many it is passed is inevitable. The last point, I pay your attention, it is most important.

After the similar analysis I saw that actually certain sum of money which I monthly spend leaves on purchase of things or services which lost for me all advantage long ago. That is, I spend a lot of money just by inertia, without receiving from it the expected advantage. Besides, I found several other, absolutely optional wastes which decided to exclude and not to repeat immediately next month.

Council No. 3. Do not allow an exit of own expenses for a framework of your control.

Hold similar event, and you with guarantee will find several points which deletion in no way will not affect quality of your life in the expensive list.

And one more important information for reflection. If you resolved to become the successful and prosperous person - insufficiently only to save up money. It is necessary to be able to keep them at least! To keep from the law of inflation mentioned above. Once again I will repeat - to keep, it is a minimum. Ideally you have to be able to keep, increasing saved up. And preservation, in turn, is already the first step to investment.

Now everything depends on you and your choice so think, choose and grow rich!