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How to avoid disappointment?

- Often we worry from - for offenses, lie, deception which are delivered to us by relatives or darlings. Long time does not abandon us feeling disappointment and offenses, mental anguish. I want to help though something, at least council, to remarkable readers Schools of life . I wish you to be

Ya happy!

But full, happiness can be, only if an order in private life. - do not wait for

from people nothing good, then it will be so a pity that someone made not as you would like.

- is dangerous to the woman to trust words, especially to men if they are not supported with business.

A married men are dangerous doubly: they are skilled, stood and as beautifully speak!...

- If someone something offended you - you are angry, it is normal. Sort a situation, draw conclusions to the future, exempt the soul from offenses. No, you should not forget bad forever, it science yours personal experience not to do without it. You can porevet violently, shout, cry, and on modern - to address the psychologist. Try even a bad situation to keep under control. Leave angrily there from where it came. Learn to forgive, it is necessary. The Dobra not to worry ! If to you it is heavy, at heart cats scrape take all the off-duty time with anything, for example study, you study everything: to tell jokes, to drive the car, to dance, trade if all already you are able - public work!

- So is determined by the nature, the woman physically weaker being, and in harsh realities of life, strong always has superiority over weak, and often men use it. Proceeding from it:

the woman has to be wise. But years bring wisdom, tell you, and you will be right. And we become wiser, as a rule, when we study on the mistakes, but sometimes mistakes are worth a lot. Troubles arise at all, it is necessary not just to endure them, but also to draw from them conclusions: Where I made a mistake whether it is possible to correct it? How to correct it? Generally, it is necessary to be careful and vigilant in everything!