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How part freelancers?

the Internet made cardinal changes to labor market, it is more and more toilers of the keyboard and mouse carry out the working day in native Penates.

Without leaving rooftops of the they successfully write difficult programs, draw graceful (terrible, amusing) pictures, write actual articles or realize other paid projects.

Impossible became possible!

So possible that criticality level to the arriving offers fell below a plinth .

Time perhaps remote cooperation of programmers, designers, translators why similar cooperation of typesetters of the text or cashiers is impossible?

As always, emergence of new opportunities divided huge army of removed workers into two camps - workaholics and cheapskates.

The first are ready to sell honestly the knowledge, abilities, skills - the word, to give on - the mountain production and to receive for it money. The second are ready to receive money, the more - the better, and ways of earnings especially do not concern them. And time and efforts spent for similar unproductive work can repeatedly exceed the result expressed in a hard coin.

For each group of removed workers - they are freelancers - is available for virtual speculators the traps. If workaholic it is possible elementary to throw without having paid for the made work, for the cheapskate it is necessary to create magnificent mirages, real fields of wonders . Enticing letters with the draft headings, bright lines shaking business - schemes are developed for them. Word business here, of course, it is necessary to understand conditionally. As cover of very unattractive purposes.

The first subsided - the most productive - a wave of lokhotronny schemes. The people taught by bitter experience try to avoid similar traps. But the inventive soobrazhalka of flimflammers generates new opportunities.

There were more sophisticated business " offers;. So, to the removed worker with serious intentions can suggest to bring some, very modest, the sum. Let`s tell, for payment of a postage. That by means of the received material (the book, a disk, the instruction) to earn decent money. And the argument is adduced quite valid - say, there were frivolous workers who got down to business, the firm incurred expenses for transfer, and a grief - workers disappeared.

And, for expansion of a circle of the potential victims, the simple work available even is offered to the school student of the senior classes. Level of business trustfulness at the beginning freelancers is high, the desire to risk pocket money is big, and the " size; entrance fee quite we accept. The result of similar cooperation is quite predictable - the freelancer receives an inoculation from naivety and the virtual deceiver is tired to get money from the e-wallet.

Sophisticated cheapskates do not wish to go too on a naked hook therefore for them invent amazingly impudent baits. Slogans it seems let`s throw flimflammers are urged to close ranks of the eager money of users of the Network. The got experience of communication with financial swindles appeals to care, but the charming spontaneity of the phrase quite often muffles a reason voice.

And still work on the Internet is. It can be found. Of course, not at once, not in one day, but she will allow not only to earn money, but also to raise the professional status. And it is already reliable support in life. Both virtual, and real.