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How to feel on fishing as if fish in water? From the point of view of fish. As fish sees

under water? Quite interesting subject.

The eye retina at fish has a structure, similar to an eye of the person.

But at the same time fish sees much worse, objects at small distance and in quite narrow, cone-shaped sector of the review get to her field of vision.

Fish sees both eyes diversely at the same time, but to focus a look on a concrete subject, fish needs to turn, so to speak, to it person - that this subject appeared in sight of both eyes.

At fishes sight color. By practical consideration it was succeeded to find out that some species of fish are capable to distinguish more than twenty flowers. Some fishes have the beloved colors and to these use skilled fishers, using baits of the corresponding coloring. Color spinners and wobblers can be such baits. For example, a red or lime thread, a bunch from multi-colored threads, a plastic vstavochka on the spinner in the form of a scale - a petal.

Some fishers are the fans knowing about addictions of fishes to certain flowers make metal spinners and paint them in the corresponding color. Paint, naturally, not with paint (!) and by very special methods. Here - that is also useful knowledge of chemistry which I mentioned in the previous article.

Predatory fishes see better. Mirnyi of fish, such as a ryapushka or a bleak, have quite weak sight and badly distinguish colors in water. But sight, per se, is not the most important for life of fish. Fish has a number " devices; to feel comfortable under water and to see not only eyes, but also almost all over. The fish who lost sight or with the weakened sight from - for eye parasites, is not doomed at all, and she has not less chances of a survival, than at completely healthy individuals.

Fish can be guided under water on smells. The matter is that nostrils at fishes are arranged so that water, passing through them, gets on the special nervous cages perceiving smells. As well as ability to see, ability to catch smells at different fishes different. The same pike, for example, badly distinguishes smells, but has excellent sight.

Speaking about smells, it is worth mentioning that, as well as by the flowers, fishes have preferences and disgust for certain smells. Fish does not love, for example, a smell of tobacco, sweat, gasoline (oil, fuel oil ), does not love a smell of the animals eating fish, does not love smells of some plants. This circumstance needs also to be considered on fishing. Not to frighten off fish, previously it is worth washing up hands and not to smoke during contact with baits and a bait.

For movement and hunting under water by fish uses a sideline. I knew, as it works and here behind the term it was necessary to get into specialized literature. In general the principle of action will iron so: along a trunk at fish the main channel which adjoins to water through openings in scales is located. Sensitive nervous cages of a sideline perceive information on pressure of water and its temperature then they transfer information to a brain of fish.

The sound in water extends time in five quicker, than in air therefore sometimes it is difficult for fish to define the direction of a sound. But even blind fish, thanks to the caught fluctuations is capable without accident to move in water, skillfully bypassing motionless objects. It is simpler to fish to notice mobile objects. The sideline helps it to define the direction of a current of water, location of production, to keep in contact with the tribespeople.

Fish has no ears in understanding of this word, habitual for us. It has an inner ear which obtains information on sounds. The swimming bubble catches sound vibrations in water, then these fluctuations are transferred to an inner ear of fish by means of small stones of a skeleton, and then to a brain. Inner ear hears generally fluctuations of low frequency, and high-frequency sounds fish catches the same sideline.

Knowing about how fish sees it is possible to adapt to it and to use cunning considerably when fishing!